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Hello everyone -
Figured I would just do an intro and get made fun of.
I am a total wine nerd who is going through the WSET and CMS programs just for fun (day job I own a machining/fabrication company in Livermore, CA)

A few months ago I did a thing and realized a dream I have had for a while - I purchased a vineyard in Oregon. Some of you might now it - Redford-Wetle vineyard in the Eola Hills. Myron and Vicki planted this vineyard around 2006 with Pinot Noir, Albarino, Gamay, and Sauvignon Blanc. It is 10 acres total, organic since planting. Producers such as Division and Evening Lands have used fruit from it, among others.

Great potential in my opinion and it was a decent price. I wish I had throw away money but alas - This vineyard needs to make money.

Jared Etzel (Domaine Roy, Coattails, etc) will be the winemaker and we will be making the wine at his dad’s new Sequitur facility.

The label is Tekstura Wine Co. Tekstura means texture in Polish (my first language). I thought the name was fitting.

I’ll be sure to announce the first release next spring and maybe do a local tasting for members. We will be making about 1,500 cases annually.

If anyone is looking at a similar project I would be more than happy to help. I can’t say I have any experience but I can tell a lot of what not to do’s.


Congratulations and welcome to the Eola-Amity Hills AVA!

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Vincent Fritzsche (who posts here) made Pinot Noir from this vineyard in 2018. I have a couple of bottles. Haven’t tried them yet (though all of Vincent’s wines have bee good so far).

And welcome!

Congratulations! I was just up in the Eola-Amity Hills last month tasting at Bryn Mawr. How close are you to them? Good luck with harvest

Hi Michael,

Congratulations on your purchase! Would you mind sharing a little about your experience searching for the right vineyard? Did you use any particular source to locate spots for sale?

Any specific tips for someone who is also considering a similar purchase?

Thanks and best of luck!

Thank you!
I actually went to see them this weekend. We are about 10-15 minutes away.

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Thank you!

No problem. My number one tip would be to get in touch with an agent or two that specialize in vineyard and winery sales. Most the listings are “pocket” listings that are not advertised anywhere.

I got pretty lucky locating an already planted vineyard that made sense financially.

Best of luck.


I used to rent that house from Vikki and Myron when I worked at Archery Summit. My firstborn’s first home.

It has been a wild ride but our first vintage is in bottle and will be available shortly.
2021 was an interesting year to start out. Great growing season that got a little too hot towards the end but logistic issues were definitely the center point of the year. For a first time producer this made things especially difficult. Our barrels for example were stuck in port for 3 months and arrived several days into fermentation. That being said, we worked through all of the issues and I think we produced some fantastic wine.

This is our lineup for 2021, will have tasting notes shortly
Eagle’s Crown Pinot Noir (estate)
Eola Amity Hills Pinot Noir (estate)
Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Gamay (estate)
Ribbon Ridge Rose
Beacon Hill Chardonnay
Sauvignon Blanc (estate)
Albarino (estate)

And every year we plan to do an “experimental” bottling. This year we did a whole cluster skin contact Albarino from about half of our Albarino. Its called the “Trial ALB21WCSC” - I didnt realize how much that rolls off the tongue until I saw the label… (sarcasm).

The vineyard has been organic since planting which was a huge selling point. We kept up this practice and added about an acre of Chardonnay this year.

In addition to all that we are also constructing our tasting room. I live in CA and own a fabrication/machining company. One of our main customers is a modular building company that specializes in schools. They were willing to take this on as a side project so the building was actually made in Lodi (Meehleis Modular) and shipped there. It was funny to see the crowds watch as it was craned into place. Some people commented that when they left for work there was nothing there and when they got home there was a completed building.

The tasting room features 40’ of windows that can open and are about 10’ from the first row of vines. We wanted the guests to feel like they are in the vineyard while tasting. We are aiming for a Sept 1 opening date for the tasting room.

This year is also shaping up to be pretty good. We dodged the frost and had no measurable damage which was incredibly lucky. Mildew pressure has been high until this week so some extra care had to be taken.

The wines can actually be ordered now on www.teksturawine.com but will probably not be able to ship for 1-2 weeks (temperature is too hot anyway). Tasting room reservations will be available around the middle of August.

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Congratulations. I see a Berserker Day offer in my crystal ball.

Congrats! I noticed all the activity as I drive up the hill to Cortell-Rose (across from Brooks).

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Exciting news!
Tasting Room is opening on Sept 14. Reservations are highly encouraged. www.teksturawine.com

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It has been a while. Figured I would post a couple updates.

Tasting room is open and running really well. Along with our wines we have a decent cellar of over 200 selections from all over the world. We also are running a coravin program for glasses and flights of a few selections from the cellar.

The 2022 growing season went fairly well for us. The frost that hit a lot of vineyards did not do any damage to ours luckily. Our gamay did get hit by some birds right before harvest and unfortunately we lost a significant portion of the harvest. In 2021 there were several birds of prey nesting in the trees along the vineyard so bird nets were not necessary. For whatever reason they did not come back in last year and we didn’t react fast enough. Lesson learned.

I was up in Oregon last weekend and tasted through all of the wines in barrel and have to say that the reds are going to be a significant step up from 2021. Lower alcohol, less oak (supply chain issues didn’t give us enough time to soak out the new oak enough in 21), brighter color. All around looking awesome.

Every year we do our experimental bottling - in 2021 it was our skin contact albariño. In 2022 we are doing a Pinot Noir/Albarino co-ferment and calling it “Pinoriño”. It was tasting great and I am excited to see how it will turn out.

Big news this week. I am not a score chaser by any means but being a new brand we felt it important to get some feedback and oh boy did we. Our Sauvignon Blanc and Albariño both got 96 points from Wine Advocate. Super proud of the team for that. Only about 200 bottles of each are left in inventory as they have definitely been the favorites.

Oops - realized I posted this in the wrong thread yesterday

Haven’t posted an update in a while.

We made a couple new wines for 2022, bottling is happening this coming Monday.
New SKUs for 2022:
North Ridge Vineyard (Eola Amity Hills) Viognier
Estate Pinoriño (co-fermented Pinot and Albariño)
Donation Vineyard (Chehalem) Chardonnay

We also have something very cool to announce on the 21st. Our first “Artist Collaboration” wine will our 2022 Rosé. Cool things on that soon.

2023 started slow in the vineyard but has now caught up to pretty much normal timing, if not a little ahead. We have a few berries starting color change now.

The tasting room is open Wed-Sun 12-5 featuring our wines and a cellar of over 250 wines from around the world. Selected Coravin sampling is also available as well as caviar service.


We are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our tasting room opening. Use the code Save10 for 10% off all wine at www.teksturawine.com

Another exciting announcement. We did an artist collaboration with multi platinum recording artist Bryce Vine. He came up to the tasting room and did a barrel tasting and selected our 2022 Rosé to launch under the Pretty Bird label. Please check out the story at www.brycevinewine.com


We are releasing some of our 2022 wines on November 1. In the meantime we have this special offer.