Team McKenna double lung transplant update.

Hey everyone, I was doing a fundraiser via my Facebook page and with local friends but then I thought I could at least share it with my WB friends!! Feel free to post here or through PM’s

I have a friend who originally lived in my hometown of Bakersfield, CA but had to move to cleaner air due to her Cystic Fibrosis. She moved to Coeur d’Alene, ID and it improved her management of CF but she is now to the point of no longer being able to battle without a new set of lungs. Last month she moved to North Carolina near UNC hospital where she was accepted by their department to perform the surgery and is currently on the waiting list. While she is waiting, the doctors orders are for her to gain 10-15 lbs (she weighs around 88-90 pounds currently) and to also be able to walk without stopping for 1000 yards. The fundraiser is to help with her at home living costs while there such as rent, food, transportation to and from therapy and to the hospital. The surgery is covered under her husbands insurance who is still working in CdA (to make sure she has insurance) while she prepares for surgery.

There are two things that really have hit me hard through this process, one, 10 years ago she was an outdoors person and enjoyed lots of activities, though limited she could be just like you and I as long as it wasn’t a strenuous activity. Now she basically sits in a chair for 80-90% of the day with oxygen full time and struggles to breathe to just walk down the hall. Secondly, she understands the gravity of the situation, when we went to church with them while we visited before she moved the pastor said “let’s pray for Jen” she interrupted and said “let’s not pray just for me, I am a small person, five foot tall and 90 pounds, let’s pray for the family that is going to lose a family member that is similar in size to me, let’s pray for the family to understand their loved one can help others” obviously recognizing it will more than likely be a child of somebody’s family was gut wrenching. Not trying to be a downer just understanding the feelings and emotions is important to me.

I can ship the baskets free of charge to the lower 48 states if you win. I will send you your numbers if you purchase tickets via private messages. Any questions feel free to send them. Below is the Facebook post I made, flyer is attached as well, thank you if you read this far :slight_smile:

Wine basket raffle for Team McKenna!
Check out the flyer for a list of wines!!
$20 a ticket gets you a chance to win 1 of 2 baskets!! Each basket is valued at $600 containing 16 bottles from our cellar with meat, cheese, bread & a cutting board.
Winners will be drawn on April 27th
message me to get your tickets today!
Venmo: @Joe-Raymond-14
To see what our friend Jen’s story is about click the link! She is getting new lungs and needs your help. I have a goal of 400 tickets sold, let’s make it happen!

Just sent you some Paypal money. Good luck!

Thank you!!

Not wines in my usual wheelhouse but certainly a cause which is worth the cost of buying a couple of tickets.

Heading to PayPal now.

Hope you raise many thousands.

Sent you a PayPal!

Joe, I sent some money via venmo. I did something similar for a friend a few years ago and found the WB community to be most generous. Best of luck to you.

Yes Jason it is certainly appearing that way! Blown away already by the support in just this short amount of time.


sent via paypal - no need to enter me in the raffle - our thoughts and prayers are with your friend Jen.

Very generous David! Thank you

Sent via Venmo, best of luck to Jen!

Got it John thank you!! Will PM


Everyone should have raffle ticket numbers PM’ed to them that had contacted me or sent payment. If you paid and I missed ya please let me know. Thank you all for the support, and as Jason posted earlier the support among the WB’ers community has been truly awesome.

I don’t need the raffle tix, but I’m sending some $$ via venmo. Best of luck to your friend.

Joe I sent via venmo. No need for raffle tix; I’d enjoy the wine but am moving out of the country in a few weeks. Best wishes to your friend.

Joe am sending $60 via paypal. just two tickets is fine and please add another $20 to their cause. Have already donated several times here to other causes here substantially the Wildfire Victims and of course to help Mike Stoneking. Yet this story brings tears to my eyes and must help again. I am blessed so I feel it is it is my responsibility to give till it hurts a little.

Like many here I feel this is an extended family and its hurts to see anyone here go through suffering .

I hate to use credit cards on the net, so I am going to auction off a bottle of d’Angerville Clos des Ducs 2002.

Please go to commerce corner to bid.

I will be looking for it thanks Jonathan!!

Mark, that is awesome of you sir!! Not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner!! I am going to put a bottle up for auction too!! Post incoming on commerce corner :slight_smile: