Team McKenna double lung transplant update.

I watched my stepson fight CF for over 30 years. He had TWO double lung transplants over a 6 year period. Luckily we have his 12 year old twins as a reminder of his life. He passed away at age 43 which is 40 years longer from when he was diagnosed. They are making great gains with this disease every day. God bless. No need to send us any tickets.

Casey, thank you for sharing. Very difficult to watch her struggle. Our hope is to get the new lungs and allow her to survive and extend her life. Truly is a life and death type battle…very touching story

Wineberserkers have always been there big when I needed a hand. This was an easy decision. $200 sent via paypal. Good luck and Godspeed!

No tickets for me either.

Done. Best to Jen and her family.
No tickets for me.

A little something sent your way, no tix needed.

This has been absolutely amazing to see the support and kindness everyone has sent this way. I am a little busy today and I will reach out and see if anyone is wanting tickets for the raffle tomorrow afternoon but most seem to be just donating. I am humbled by the giving spirit of this board. Thank you again. I can’t wait to see the final number raised and share with Jen when done. She will be in tears I’m sure :slight_smile:


I am not set up to venmo or paypal…but I do have a checkbook. Can you pm me an address to mail to?

A few auctions ending (3 of them) this weekend in the commerce corner if you want to send a bid their way. When the event is over I am going to send a note on here about money raised from fellow WB’ers!!

Thank you to all of the fellow WB’s who bought tickets and also made donations for the fundraiser! Just from the WB group there was over $1300 donated!! Truly humbled and appreciate all the support and thoughts and prayers for her and her family. Unfortunately, the winners were not from this board :frowning: I tried to post the FB video on here of my kids drawing the tickets but was having trouble with the file being too large. Total from the basket sales was $2900, a friend of mine also did a whisky basket and raised $1300 so we did $4200 towards supporting them. I think that is pretty good for two families trying to help out another family and just doing it by word of mouth with friends and families. thanks again everyone

Great job Joe!

Well done Joe!

Great to hear, good work!

First of all thank you to all that helped and sent messages of support for my friend Jen. She did receive new lungs about 4 weeks ago and it started off well but ran into some complications from infections that ultimately ended her time here on earth. The link is an update from the FB page her husband had. It is very touching and I struggled to read through it without tearing up a lot! Her husband summed it up really well about who she was

Joe I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope you and the rest of her friends and family can find peace.