Syrah - Napa & Sonoma

Heading out to Northern California Wine Country in a couple of weeks and I’m in search of some really terrific Syrah. I’m sure for every 10 response there will be 10 different answers so hit me with who you feel is doing a great job with Syrah!

We have had a couple bottles from Copain and really enjoyed them and are in the process of finalizing an appointment there for one of our two Sonoma days. Joseph Swan is also on the list but we really enjoy just about everything that they produce.

Thanks in advance!


Arnot-Roberts in Healdsburg.

Excellent recommendation! I completely forgot about this producer. We’ve enjoyed a bottle at a local restaurant here in Delray and really enjoyed it, thanks again!

In Napa, don’t miss Lagier Meredith if you can make an appointment with Steve & Carole.

In Sonoma, a lesser-known place that’s worth checking out is MacLaren - they have a tasting room right off the plaza in Sonoma.

If you’re interested, some notes from visits to both those places late last year:
Napa and Sonoma - December 2014

I’ve always liked the Syrah at Pride.
We just had some great Syrah at both Unti and Swan on Sunday.
Carlisle makes a great Syrah.
Gary Farrell makes a good modern, stylized Syrah.
Davis Family is always excellent.

Retro Cellars!



Spottswoode, delish.

Wind Gap.

Eric Kent, L-M, Radio Couteau, Quivet.

Big +1 on Arnot Roberts - probably the best winery visit I’ve ever done and a perennial favorite for Syrahs.

Another spot worth checking out may be Sky. They make great Syrah (that happens to be very affordable to boot) and they’re pretty under the radar. I’ve never done a visit, but based on the website and my interaction with them, it looks to be an idiosyncratic and interesting spot, and could be worth a look if you can get in touch with them beforehand.

Enfield could also be an interesting stop with great Syrahs and an intimate experience (again, never visited there personally, though).

Another vote for Wind Gap. John Lockwood (Enfield) makes some of my very favorite Syrah. If he has time that would be great.

KurtBeitler has his LaBoheme tasting room in Occidental. Very Rhonish style Syrahs.

Had a sublime '08 Scherrer syrah about two months ago and another syrah we’ve enjoyed are the ones produced by Red Car.

FYI, Quivet and Myriad are sold out. Nothing Syrah taste.

+1 on Wind Gap, Eric Kent and Scherrer

Sonoma side check out Baker Lane. Under the Radar.

Napa side try Apsara and Campesino

Does his brother still do Bodega Rancho or is that no more? BTW, is simply Boheme.

Another vote for Unti.

Dehlinger and Neyers.

Ramey makes some very good Syrah.

Yup…Kurt and Derek went their separate ways. Derek makes his RB over at Caymus, Kurt
in the old WindGap Apple shed.

Bevan has an excellent Syrah.

Another vote here for Joseph swan’s Syrah. Big fan.

I’d also put In a vote for wild hog, who’s estate Syrah (ft Ross seaview) I think is one of the better hidden gems of Sonoma.