Suddenly, I'm not taken to the last post when I reopen a thread

Previously, if I visited a thread yesterday, then open it today, it would open to the last post I read. Suddenly this week, it opens quite a way up-thread. Was there a change on the WB website or is it on my end?
Follow-up question; is this the place to post functionality questions?

Hi Warren -

On my end, threads seem to open up-thread by about 5 to 8 posts. It’s been happening for quite some time.

I think this WB Discourse thread is the one you want.

Can’t find it now, but I read a possible answer that suggests it has to do with twitter posts in threads. Threads with twitter posts end up several posts up, instead of at the dividing line for first unread post. Seems like a decent explanation, as threads I’ve opened with no twitter embeds seem to work properly, while threads with twitter embeds do not. Also, it all seems to behave fine on my windows laptop, but not on an iOS device.


Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing. It seems to have started a couple of weeks ago.

Several threads on this already, but basically it’s Twitter (or X, or whatever it’s called now)

Any thread with Twitter embeds in it will bring you immediately to the spot where you last were, but then after a few seconds the Twitter embeds populate, expanding the thread as needed, and put you in the wrong spot.

It’s an issue thanks to all the new changes Musk made, making it (nonsensically) harder for other sites to embed Tweets. Covered more extensively here:

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Yes :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get around this by searching “last visit” or something like that? Seems like there should be, but I can’t seem to make that work. And, OK, I admit I’m too lazy to check all the posts in Musk and Twitter.

‘last visit’ shows in the thread, like right here in this thread

Thanks, Todd, but I already knew that. My question is if there is some command that will get me right to the “last visit” marker. I generally see “last visit” when I open a thread, but then it often moves and I have to track it down, which is a (small) nuisance. It would be nice to be able to jump directly to it.

Every time you go back to a thread you were in previously it does take you exactly to that spot, BUT because many here want Twitter/X embedded feeds, and Twitter/X doesn’t play well with others, it can screw up that thread placement and push the view a bit, so one has to scroll thereafter to find the ‘last visit’, unfortunately