Steakhouse wine, pick one

Choose one bottle from the following:

Caveat: the wine will likely have one hour or so max decent time.

2014 Macdonald
2015 Macdonald
2014 or 2016 Elysian or Empyrean
2000 Calon Segur
2001 Leoville Barton

Most of my other Bdx falls in the definitely not ready category like recent montrose, first growths, or LLC.

‘01 LB

14 Mike Smith

No clue on the Bordeaux but I’d go with either the 2014 Empyrean or 2014 Macdonald - both need more than 1 hour of air though.

I thought the decant would be the biggest issue with the mac; unfortunately I’ll be traveling and won’t have time for a longer decant.

Oh, I also have 2008 materium; that might be the best choice.

Non Cabernet based wines I have a bunch of CdP and northern Rhône from essentially all producers, but mostly recent.

Just had the 14 Elysian. So far my woty

Didn’t you post about the 13 Elysian or did you also have the 14?


TRB 2008s are fire.

As for the 2014 MacDonald, the one time I had it the bottle had been aerated for 3-4 hours, was glorious.

Had a 14 Carter OG (another Mike Smith wine) last night at Donovan’s steak house. The nose was, very muted as was the wine for at least two hours in the decanter Then it was gorgeous. I’d go with the 14 Elysian but try to give it a couple hours. Fortunately we had a 16 Aubert Lauren to keep us company while the cab sat in the decanter

14 Elysian is gorgeous, hell as is the 16. 08 Maybach would be too. The macdonalds are too young to show right with that short imo.

Had that for Christmas (Elysian) and it was incredible.

Would definitely do any of the Cabs on your list. 14 MACDONALD is awesome but needs a 6 hour double decant which you don’t have.

Curious, Michael, why only Cabernet?

Love aged steaks with Burgundy, particular from Gevrey.

14 Mike Smith!

Oops, meant 13

2014 Elysian or Macdonald. [dance-clap.gif]

That’s a high class problem. You could make a case for all. Without the decant time available I wouldn’t use up a precious Mac Donald.

I’d go with the 14 Elysian for a steak house.

I think I’m gonna go with the 08 Maybach Materium. I realized the 14 Elysian is in my offsite. I think the plan will be 02 dom, 08 maybach and 01 Rieussec. It’s our 5th wedding anniv so I was originally planning to pour wines that we’d poured at the wedding, but the only one besides the 02 Dom I have easy access to is the 00 Calon which I think is likely sleeping right now. 01 Cos wasn’t that good and I don’t have any bottles and don’t feel like buying one, and 07 Beaucastel bottles are buried somewhere in my cellar.

2001 Leoville Barton