solid sparkling wine (well) under $20

i need a couple of these to keep as easy to open house wines. too often i’m opening good to great champagnes when the situation just doesn’t call for it.
it’s got to be dry btw.
we had some really nice cavas in barcelona last year and there have been a few decent proseccos but i frankly don’t remember the names.

I really like the Il Fortunato Prosecco carried by Chambers St. at $13.99. Their spumante (same price) is also very good.

They have another slightly more expensive Prosecco from Giol which I’ve been wanting to try.

Look into espumantes by Vértice (Douro) or Murganheira.

Castell De Sant Pau Brut Nature Cava. It’s $12.99 at a local merchant. I buy it by the pallet.

Juve y Camps Reserva de la Familia Brut Nature is solid for opening after a couple of Champagnes, or for mimosas or other cocktails. It’s also widely available. You might find Breton’s Petillant for under $20, though not well under.

For $19.99, give the Kirkland Signature Brut a try.

At $15-$16 we used to get this a lot from total wine (Tampa) - Louis Bouillot Perle d’Aurore Brut Rose

I did exactly this earlier in the summer, grabbing a couple of bottles of each of these at my local Total Wine. All are under $15.
Laboure Gontard Cremant de Bourgogne Brut, which is a good proxy for a dry NV Champagne
S Orsola Brachetto d’Acqui, sweet, fruity, fizzy, fun, low alcohol
Saracco Moscato d’Asti, slightly fizzy, fruity sweet, low alcohol, complex for a simple sweet wine

Agree that Kirkland Champagne is a good value.
Kermit Lynch will usually have a few sparklies that are reliable.
Mumm Napa NV is decent.

Raventós i Blanc Cava De La Finca (the last one I had was 2014)
Patrick Piuze Méthode Traditionnelle non dosé

The Cava above also gets better with age. The Patrick Piuze is pretty much as dry as they come so it’s a great mixer as well (mimosa, kir, etc.).

De la Finca is now in the $35-40 range. Their entry level, de Nit, is $20-25 or so. They’ve also disassociated from cava, think they’re trying to be a part of that new designation.

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N.V. Segura Viudas Cava Brut - $8

Raventos Blanc de Blanc, Filipa Pato 3B, Puize Val de Mer, Lucien Albrecht

We just got a case each of NV Gruet Winery Cuvee 89 Brut and Blanc de Blanc Nature for $13/bottle and we love them. Especially the Blanc de Blanc.

That’s right, thanks for reminding me. I haven’t heard much about the new designation of origin though (Conca del Riu Anoia?). Cellar D’Or shows 25.99$ online but it’s still over 20$. Too bad because this is good stuff.

Henri Maire - Cremant du Jura

It really is, I pay $22 I think from wine library with free shipping - no regrets there. May have to try their BdB qt around $15.

Look to German Sekt!

The Dr. Becker Scheurebe is a personal favorite and it is around $20.

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Roederer Estate Brut is my go-to inexpensive bubbles at just under $20. It’s also sold in half bottles for about $12, which is nice for weekdays or as a starter.


thanks all
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keep 'em coming!

Graham Beck from South Africa is an amazing value in the $12-15 range. Brut chard and brut rose’ are what I’ve had.

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