Sojourn Cellars - $50 credit and free shipping, and more!

I know many were hoping for a good deal on Sojourn, and Craig will attest that I was after him a bit hard to put forth a deal that I felt was worthy of BerserkerDay…and he made it happen!

Sojourn Cellars

Purchase four bottles or more of Sojourn wine and receive a $50 credit against your wine order And receive shipping included on your order. You will also receive 10% savings on case orders of 12 bottles or more. One credit available per customer. Click on the link here to review your wine allocation and decide what bottles you would like –

Sojourn Cellars?

Tried these wines yesterday, awesome

Shit. This may break me.

I’m a bit confused here - is the credit and free shipping applied after placing the order? It isn’t showing up in my cart.

Me neither. Is there a code we need to enter???

Craig or Todd,

The link asks for me to sign up, but I’m already a member. To get the discount, do I have to sign up again under the new link provided?

I hope they have more of the 2010 Rodgers Creek available. That was my favorite of the 2010s. I want some of that as well as the 2011s.

I’ve asked Randy to come on the thread and explain things

Had no problem ordering - credit and free shipping showed up on checkout.

I clicked on the “Buy wine now” button at the top of the page and it took me to as WB sign-in with the offer.

Did you do this as an existing member or strictly through the new beserker offer link?

already have an account and it is not working for me either

After checkout, or on checkout screen?

Not me.I signed in with my mailing list name/password, and it took me to the regular order form.
I took it all the way to ‘finalize order’, but the discount wasn’t applied.

New berserker offer link - everything shows up if you access that way.

Been in need of placing my order. I guess this will get me off my butt.

Had a chance to taste these recently as well. I guess I need to, again, get off my butt and post the TNs.

I am in the process of picking out my club order, so not sure how this deal would work for me… but I can highly recommend their wines in any case.

I placed an order earlier in the day but didn’t get a confirm back. I hit the Ok button to send in my order and CC info and it said to wait for 30 seconds or so to verify but the page never refreshed.

Easy to order. It worked fine -FS and $50 discount.

were you already a member or did oyu sign up new today?