Shipping season!

My office is filled with boxes. Lots of goodies . . . 2012 and 14 bdx, 2006 champagne, 2008 barolo . . . . it’s like christmas! And lots more on the way. Cellaraiders today; Envoyer and Rare Wine Co next week. Many, many boxes.

Always fun to click the “accept delivery” box. Now I just have to find places for all of this stuff.

Yes yes and yes!

Four cases in last week with some goodies that you cannot find in FL: Vatan, Baudry, Plouzeau, plus some mature Bordeaux. Four cases next week of more hard-to-find goodies, Juge, Gonon, etc. And then a bunch of stuff in NYC that I have not arranged to ship yet, maybe another six cases. Bedrock coming too.

Stuck in the cultural wasteland, with heat 8 months of the year, basically you stock up with purchases and then mass-ship when the weather cools.

Oh, I have zero storage capacity right now. This will be fun…

Love shopping season. 13-14 cases coming in the next month or so. Like you said, hardest part is firing out where to put it all

The funnier part is, getting excited for all this stuff that we cannot drink for 10+ years! An odd hobby, to be sure. This time around at least some of my purchases included mature wines as well. Mature Bordeaux continue to be very easily sourced and with reasonable pricing. I grabbed some very nice Classified Growth from 89-96, plus lots of 2000, and paid $150 tops. The 1996 Cos d’Estournel that I grabbed was 1/2 the price of a new release (paid $100).

Well, pretty much everything I have coming in has at least some age on it – some a great deal – and most was bought with more near-term drinking horizons in mind. That Cos is a good example. It will be lovely in the more-or-less near term, but will be terrific in 10-15 too.

My dotage-deliveries will come next year. The rest of my 2014, then 15 and 16 bdx, 13 and 15 burgs, and a few 13 Barolos. I think I can honestly say I am now well-stocked with long term wines that will nonetheless be drinkable before I expire. I don’t plan on buying any more.

The 2012 bdx I bought was Chapelle de MHB in halves. Got 'em cheap!

im pretty excited about the '88 Leoville Las Cases i just got from Ben! wish the date i had planned to open it was a little closer now

Its going to be 91* today, what are you guys talking about?

You should move to the US.

My shipment from Chicago already arrived (some mature Bordeaux and CA Cabernet), my shipment from Northern CA goes out next week (2015 Auction Germans which will just go into storage) and I just emailed the people in LA to ship in about 2 weeks (some 2012 Spatleses which will go into storage but will at least be ready earlier than the 2015s). At that point I will have no outstanding wine for the first time in several years. An important step in my cellar rightsizing process.

I’ll add that I’ve been on the wagon (i.e., haven’t bought a single bottle) for two months as of today. If I make it until December 8 then I’ll have hit my annual wine budget target.

I will add the caveat that a very kind person at Flatiron Wines is holding 2 bottles for me to purchase on December 9 but since I won’t spend the money until then it goes on next year’s budget.

December 9 is “next year?” Are you on the Millerian calendar?

I go by credit card bills. The December bill is on my December 2017 budget.

That started unintentionally but I like it as it gives me plenty of leeway for New Years Champagne purchases.

I believe there is an exception for holiday Champagne purchases.


Unfortunately in my experience I can justify all too many such “exceptions”.

At least 10 cases are getting dropped off at my house today by a friend who gathers my wine for me in NJ.

That’s why I’ve never liked budgets. They make it so difficult to do the right thing. I have a fuzzy budget.


I’ve spent 99.999. . . percent of my wine budget. Never seem to get to 100% though.

That’s a good friend. I hope he or she has a good back … or one of those braces! :slight_smile:

He has a trailer and a hand truck!!!

Shipping season is Christmas for adults!

When I moved from our old house to our new one a few years ago, I tragically had to leave my custom built cellar behind so I haven’t really been able to have the joy of delivery of things I forgot I bought for a while. Of course the one minor benefit off offsite storage has been the ability to have deliveries made without worrying if anyone is home!

Thankfully my new (bigger!) cellar will be coming online in a few months, but then I’ll have to more carefully arrange for the deliveries in the spring. Oh well, champagne problems (pardon the pun!)…

This is the big problem. My wife had to help me move a bunch of cases home from offsite storage where they get shipped and finally notice there is nowhere to put it. Knowing that at least 10 more cases are coming, she has put me on a temporary buying hiatus (until I open the next bottle that she likes and says, “We should get more of that.”).