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I’ve recently tried the 2003, 2005 and 2009 vintages of Malescot St Exupery and am just really enjoing their wine. I have several bottles of more recent vintages and futures coming. But am wondering what other Margaux wines I should be trying. The QPR is hard to argue with. I find these wines have a great bouquet, nice tannins and just all around a wonderful experience. I haven’t had many wines from Margaux so looking to see what others have to say about the region and its wines.

(Jeff Leve if you are listening, I’ve already read your whole writeup on the region which was great!)

BAMA. Not, not the MAGA kind of BAMA, the Bordeaux version of BAMA.

Best Awesome Margaux Around. BAMA.

You will not find this on Leve’s site:

A fantastic wine. If you like Malescot, I will warn you that this wine is a polar opposite. But if you want to taste a Bordeaux that arguably drinks like a Bordeaux from the period of the original Classification, this could be it.

Some others that I like:

Brane Cantenac.
Cantenac Brown

If you really like Malescot, a very modern wine, I think Kirwan, Siran and Lascombes will be up your alley.


Great read. Thanks for sharing the link!


Just had the 1996 BAMA tonight, now it’s my new favorite Bordeaux.

I love Margaux.
That’s my daughter’s name.


I love Brane Cantenac. Love it.

Malescot does have a modern taste, but i like classic old-school BDX also. Will have to try and find some Bel-Air Marquis d’Aligre though, definitely need to give it a go.

Will see if I can find some of the others with a few years on them also. Thanks for the replies!

I find quite a range of styles in Margaux, I also think that a lot of them are upping their performance but changing character at the moment. I would put forward Durfort-Vivens and du Tertre as examples that are much more refined than they were compared to 2002 and 2004 era. Some non classified growths can excel as well, not only in the best years, 2011 Angludet is a current favourite of mine.

I’ve always had a fondness for Giscours. I know it gets bashed a lot especially earlier vintages. The 1976 was the first Bordeaux I ever drank so there is some sentimental reasons for it. Now the second Margaux I ever drank blew it away, the 1983 Palmer. And, of course, Margaux is Chateau Margaux. But those last two are quite expensive nowadays, they weren’t when I started.

Brane Cantenac and D’Issan are two of my favorites.


Any thoughts on which is drinking better right now - 1995 or 1996 Château Bel Air-Marquis d’Aligre (BAMA)?

Paul, either one will be fine now. I’ve had several of each and just prefer the 95.

To go back to Jonathan’s question, Margaux is a great hunting ground for fine wines. Obviously I agree with Robert about BAMA, but also with his warning - it’s not a wine for everyone, but if you have tasted and enjoyed older, more subtle wines, then it’s definitely one to try. It’s also one to try sooner rather than later, because as Neal Martin’s excellent article makes clear, Monsieur Boyer cannot go on forever, so if you find that you like it, you need to get a few in while you can.

As for the CCs, I like them all except Lascombes and to a lesser degree Malescot. I go through phases of liking some more than others, but my favourites would be Giscours, Brane and Ferrière.

I don’t know if you like Loire reds too, but if you do, you should also try Clos du Jaugueyron, which I find is like a slightly more up-to-date version of BAMA. It has the same crunchy fruit of Loire reds, hence the reference, but is very much a Margaux and the equal of most CCs. I had a wonderful time visiting the domain recently which I will write up soon.

Love Margaux and d’Issan.

I don’t know about more current vintages, but the 2000 du Tertre is drinking great now, with time to go, was <$30 on release and maybe double that price now. If you see it grab some.

Always glad to help when I can.

After years of resting in its laurels, the entire Margaux appellation is hot!

The top wines to seek out today that might not be in your radar are:

Brane Cantenac
Marquis d’Alesme

Each of these wines has really upped their game since 2015 and they are in no danger of stopping. Over the next few years, expect to see big improvements and consistency from Cantenac Brown and La Tour de Mons.

For more on Margaux

I am surprised no one has mentioned Rauzan Segla yet, and if you are feeling spendy, Palmer.

I love Rauzan Segla as well.
I would second Issan, particularly if you are looking for an older bottle.
Current release Malescot (say 2009 onward) may be considered modern, but I just enjoyed a 1989 last night that was utterly classic and bright, with pressed violets and tobacco, and red fruited at 12.5%

OK, I’ll mention it. Rauzan Segla, as classic as any Margaux there is. Shined with various vintages in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s (can’t recall having had post 2005).

Du Tertre.

I’ve had some really delicious RS’s, and some that were just not very well made. The 86 is sensational