SF Bay Area/Peninsula OL - June 25 @Divino

I’m thinking end of June when my kids are gone.
So let’s kick around ideas.
Scott was going to check with Kabul, Afghan food.
Andrew and Larry had Divino and someplace else.

Btw George - I had a really good meal at Paul Martins - not sure what happened with your meal last time.


Date June 25

Place Divino

Time 6:30pm

Winers -


I’d like to join if you guys would have me again :wink:

Any date works except for the 25th

Yah we need more climbers in the group!
So here are the dates I was thinking:
June 18
June 25
July 2

I know summer is tricky with family vacations and such, so we may have a smaller gathering.

Any chance we could do Sunday? Easier for me to bring nice bottles that I’m not allowed to open if my husband isn’t there :slight_smile:

No worries if that’s not possible; I’ll still try to make it

Those June dates look good for me, as do Sunday the 17th and 24th (but not July 1st or 2nd).

Iberia in Belmont was an intriguing suggestion of Andrew’s. Iberia Restaurant - Belmont | Menú

Divino looks really good, too. http://divinobelmont.com/menus/dinner-menu/

One of those would be good, especially if Andrew can make it.

I’m open to any of those dates as of now. And Wes’ suggestions are fine with me.

The owner of Iberia proposed a fixed menu of paella and tapas for $35/head (exclusive of tax and service) with a minimum headcount of 12 peeps and $10/bottle corkage. I never made a counter, but the day we could guarantee 12, then I would try to work on the corkage a bit more (us bringing stems, put a flat corkage fee on the bill or something like that). We keep driving by the place and forgetting about it so we have never eaten there, but I think a few have.

If everyone is amenable, I can call Divino and ask for the 18th.

Yes, Divino on the 18th sounds good.

Also, there are plenty more people to draw on if we need to increase the headcount for a dinner.

Oh dang - I may not make 18th. I just looked at the calendar and my kids fly out the following day for the summer.
No problem if this date works for everyone else.
I can sit this one out.

18th is a little tough for me, have to pick up my wife at OAK at 6:30. So getting her home, then coming across the Bay to San Mateo is probably not practical. If we pick another date, Iberia sounds great, otherwise I may have to miss it. Uber is possible, let me negotiate with her :wink:

Right now, any of the above dates work for me although Sun. 7/1 is iffy.

25th (or 24th), then?

I can probably make June dates but not early July.

Dan, post for the 25th and I will call Divino

Ok - I put June 25.
Andy let me know if things change with you.

I started a list.
Andrew is there a cap?

Doc, there should be no problem with headcount. I haven’t called yet but they have a private room that will seat up to 50 and then semi-private space that will do 10-40…so we could make this a real blowout if so desired. BTW for anyone needing, this is really close to the Belmont CalTrain…or if anyone needs pickup, I can grab them at San Carlos.

Please put Sandi down as a maybe. She really likes the food at Divino. However, she won’t go if she’s the only woman there.

I’m in; Larry if I bring my husband does that count?

I should be able to make this.