SF Bay Area/Peninsula March 4 OL - Yuzu

Ok let’s get something going.
Looking at March 5 or 12, though I personally prefer March 12.


Date Sunday March 4

Time 6pm


The Drunks -

Gene (+1)
Dan (+1)
George + better half

I’d prefer the 5th or 19th. The 11th is the Ridge Montebello Component event. That’s a real blowout affair. 2 days in a row is too tough to deal with on school nights.

5th might be tough for me, I think I have to pick Karen up at the airport. 19th is good.

Any chance it can be in SF, or is everyone based on the Peninsula?

We’re kind of centered in San Mateo and south, with a couple of east Bay. So SF is tough for most of us. But come on down if you can!

Hmmm 19th might be late clinic day for me…

Other suggestions on venue welcomed.

Yah Betty - come on down!

The 5th is no good. 12th and 19th are fine. I know Sole is closed Sundays, but are there places that would accommodate us on a Sunday and would that work for anyone? The 4th and 18th are good for me.

Hi, I’d love to join and am flexible as to dates. Would love to have a venue within walking distance to Caltrain because I’m reluctant to brave the 101 south on a weekday evening

If we’re looking at Sunday evenings, then I could likely get us our usual private room at Yuzu. It has been awhile since we’ve been there (last time was August, I believe).

4th, 18th, or 19th work for me.

I’d rather stick with Mondays than move to Sundays, but I could do the 4th.

After thinking a bit about it, a Sunday evening OL would be pretty cool. For most all of us, I’d imagine there would be no work issues that might delay our arrival. Traffic also shouldn’t be an issue. And starting at 6PM instead of 6:30PM would also be beneficial for getting ready for the next day.

No argument from me on any of those points.

Should we do Yuzu? If so, 4th or 18th?

We can do Yuzu, but for me, spending $80 is kinda pricey when I can’t eat the crab or shrimp dishes.

I’m ok with chipping in a few bucks extra to bring Dan’s cost down.

I can bring Taco Bell too…

I can ask Yuzu owner/chef if he can prepare single order replacements for whatever Doc is allergic to.

I’m interested +1

Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask for no crab or shrimp? I love them, but wouldn’t miss them with one particular meal.

Alternatives as a whole would likely drive the cost up. No crab means no CA rolls, and no shrimp means no tempura. Replacement proteins are more expensive for the most part, and slightly less “crowd friendly”.

But if everyone wants alternatives to crab and shrimp, I’ll ask once we’re all committed. For those who haven’t attended an OL at Yuzu, we get a prix fixe of a variety of Japanese cuisine. Total cost is $80pp ($60 for food, $20 for tax and 25% tip). No corkage is assessed, and we have a private room to ourselves.