SF Bay Area/Peninsula Jan 12 Offline - remember BYO stems

Hey guys,
Is it too crazy to get something going for early January?
I’m thinking Jan 12.

Stopped by Menlo Grill for bar food.
Really good food.
And confirmed “No Corkage Fee” noted on their wine list menu.
So we should definitely plan something there as we discussed.

Who’s around?

When: January 12
Where: Menlo Grill - BYO stems
Corkage - free!
Time: 6:30pm

Wine theme: Cali cab, Bordeaux or whatever.

Andrew/ (Chiara?)
(Ed late?)

Those dates look good to me. I’ll play.

I’d prefer the 12th, but can do the 5th. I’m off work from the 24th-4th. I expect to be fully discombobulated after my first day back at the office so I’m not sure if I want to offline that evening. However, I think Sandi and I can manage if that’s the date. pileon

If we arrange Menlo Grill, they appreciate it if we bring our own stems. Also, when we had 9 people recently, the entire menu was open for ordering. When we had 15, they restricted our choices (3 apps, 3-4 mains, IIRC). The GM sent several menu ideas in advance. We should find out what the cut-off is for the full menu. 10-12 people is the ideal number for the private room.

The 12th might work for me.

I can do 5th or 12th. After that I’ll be in Rio from 16-23.

I’ll just make it the 12th since this seems the most doable.

How about we just cap it at 10 people?
It’s the number we usually max out anyway - often times less with people traveling for work.
Did you want to call them and arrange?

Geez, how often are you going there?? [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinks.gif] [drinks.gif] [drinks.gif] newhere

The recent one was for Sandi’s staff holiday dinner. We were fairly circumspect. Well, compared to this bunch, 99% of the groups are gonna be circumspect. [drinkers.gif]

I’ll contact the restaurant for the res.

If craig sets up his MI tasting in January, I’ll go that one instead. I only get one “get out of jail free on a weeknight” a month =D =D

I can make the 12th, not the 5th.

I’ll try to do this one. I think I’ll push MI out until after Alan’s trip.

I’m in.

So we are 10-ish.
I will add a wait list for anyone else interested, though I don’t remember ever having more than 10 actually come.

Larry, let me know what’s the deal with open menu and number of people when you make the reservation.

Anyone have a particular wine theme they want to do?

I am in if you got space.

Ok, so I’ll start a waitlist after Vamsi!
Larry, let me know whether we need a cap or not (open menu situation) - we are at 11.

Cary, I assume you are in since Craig is moving his Mission Impossible offline to a later date?

I saw that.

Ghost Protocol?

I know most of you have an Old World preference, but given the venue/food what about some CA Cabernet for a change of pace. Or as a compromise not Burgundy. Unless of course someone wants to bring a Monty for a starter pileon

Oh no you di’nt!!

I have Cali cab with some age (1990’s).