SF Bay Area/Peninsula Jan 12 Offline - remember BYO stems

Dan will bring 2007 DRC Monty.

What about “bring something nice from your cellar?”

And then the Full Monty… [smileyvault-ban.gif]

I might have a conflict.

NO I do have a conflict.

I can do Cali cab. Or something equivalent.

Yeah, something equivalent. Cary, maybe La Conseillante this time?


Is this going to conflict with planning the Fondue off-line?

Only if it is on Jan 12! [pillow-fight.gif] [berserker.gif]

Good answer!

Any luck Larry?

We’re in. I counted 11 above so I made the res for 12 people at 6:30.

Do you know if we get the full menu?
I assume so if they didn’t say anything to you.

Nothing was said, but I didn’t talk with the manager.

Harold, you around?
(Might be traveling the world)

Hi guys. Haven’t had time to check in here lately. Would love to join you guys and kick off 2015 with some good juice, but I’m out of town that week. Another time for me…

Not clear on a theme, but it seems to be: not Burgundy, yes to California, maybe with age, or nice things from our cellars. Wine that goes with food. :slight_smile: I can go with this! I promise nice things from the cellar.

I’m bringing Bordeaux.

Haven’t decided - 97 Cali cab or 2000 Bordeaux?