Sensitive Crystalization??

Realizing this is probably outside your areas of expertise: Do you have any thoughts on RandallGrahm’s
Sensitive Crystallization stuff?? Does it make any sense, does it tell you anything, or is just another of
Randall’s goofy side-tangents that he sometimes goes off on??
“Haven’t a clue” is a perfectly good answer.

I have no personal experience with this technique. In Chapter 14, I ask Randall about it:

He is clearly still in the fake-it-til-you-make-it stage. “It’s very arcane, and I have a lot to learn. At this stage, I can at least recognize when the wine just won’t coalesce into an harmonious pattern, which tells me something isn’t right with the blend. We also show the crystallization portraits on the label as new aspect of full disclosure.”

I won’t go into my whole argument about Biodynamics and the limits of rationalism here, as I’ve laid it all out in Chapter 21. My view is that this is just one more area where we ought not to let our skepticism blind us to possibility.

That would be our beloved Randall.
And totally agree w/ the last comment. That should always be the case.