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Happy 11th Berserker Day Anniversary!!

This is the Kelley Fox Winery’s inaugural Berserker Day and we feel honored to be a part of this momentous occasion. Kelley and I have dug deep to find some special bottles for this special day. All pricing for each offering includes shipping to the lower 48. Also, each one is seriously discounted to support some of our favorite wine people in this world. Listed below are the three Berserker Day Offerings. Please act fast and use the link provided to our website, as all are very limited in quantity.

1. The 2017 Hyland Vineyard, Coury Clone, Pinot Noir 6-pack - $300
We are very happy to introduce the first bottling of Hyland Vineyard, Coury Clone, Pinot Noir for 2017 (usually $60). This wine was produced from self-rooted Coury clone vines planted in 1988 in a block of red Jory volcanic soil at around 600 feet. The vines that are worked with there have been farmed organically for years and biodynamically (uncertified) starting a few years ago. “It’s a beauty, it’s long, and it seems to embody some Platonic Idea of ‘Red’.”
Hyland Six Pack:

2. The 2015 Momtazi Vineyard Pinot Noir, Library Release, 6-pack - $275 TWO LEFT
The Momtazi 2015 is a selection of eighteen barrels from three blocks at the famed Momtazi Vineyard. It is 100% whole cluster and is a Demeter-certified biodynamic wine. “It has mystery while being utterly transparent: these opposites are all about temperance in the alchemical sense. It’s powerful, exhilarating, and precise.”
Library Momtazi Six Pack:

3. The Mirabai Pinot Noir Vertical, Library Release, 6-pack - $250 SOLD OUT
This veritcal will take you through a journey that not everyone will be able to enjoy. Only 12 sets were pulled from Kelley’s personal library. You will be able to experience six wildly unique and amazing vintages one bottle at a time, 2012-2017. The majority of all these spectacular bottles are cuvées of all the blocks Kelley is luckily able to get of the Maresh vineyard together as one. Each vintage tells it’s own story of the season seen through the winemaker’s eyes. Act soon as people have already been pushing to get into the winery’s library. Here is a fun and easy way just for the Berserker Day festivities.
_Library Mirabai Vertical:_

If any issues arise you are welcome to contact directly, or PM though the Berserker website.
Thank you for your support.
Dustin Swenson (Kelley’s right-hand man)

PS-All wine club members still receive their appropriate discount on orders

For my order tomorrow, who do you use for shipping to Colorado? The address I use depends on the answer. Thanks!

I am excited to order tomorrow.


One of my VERY favorite Willamette Valley producers. Wines are truly, truly lovely, and if you can you should definitely add them to your cellar!

I concur with Mr. Goodfellow.

I can use whom ever works best for you.
Go Broncos! (I’m originally from Denver)

Woohoo in for option 1. Cant wait to see what all the fuss is about!

Out of stock already on the verticals offer?

Library offering already sold out?!?!


In for each 6 pack

Rats, the Mirabai vertical is sold out.

Dustin, I’ve been a fan of Kelley’s wines since Scott Paul. Based on a friend’s rave reviews, I’m looking forward to trying the 2017 Coury Clones.

Thanks for the offer.

Rich T

Gosh sold out in seconds

Any chance for more library wines?

Missed out :frowning:

Momtazi order in. Missed out on Library offer. In cart but not quick enough with payment info…

Is option two $275 or $300? Website shows the latter…