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Missed out on the vertical but picked up the 2015 Momtazi.

I submitted my order for the Mirabai Vertical as soon as it was posted for order, got message that it is no longer available in the quantity requested.
Is there any way I can get my order to go through?


I was also charged $300 + tax

Great wines and even better people. Picked up Offer 1 and might add a few extras from the website later in the day. Thanks.



That Hyland Coury Clone was my wife’s favorite when we tasted in Nov. Look forward to trying in next to Jim Anderson’s version!

Dustin - tried to purchase a library pack but was shut out [help.gif]

Ant chance for a deal on 2018 version if no more library packs are available?

Missed the Mirabai library offering. I was able to get the Momtazi offer but it rang up at $300 rather than $275.

Im guessing everybody had orders filled out and hit the enter button as soon as Todd put them up. I was waiting for this and instantly ordered when the tranche popped up. Got momtazi which is cool, but bummed about library.

Also tried for the Library vertical.

Will have to think about whether I want to buy 6 bottles of a single wine from a producer I’ve never tried before — I almost never buy that much of any single bottling, even from my favorite producers.

I’d be all over a mixed 6 pack.

Ordered option #2 and also billed at $300

The links weren’t live yesterday.

I visited Kelly and Dustin last September. Unfortunately I had just left Marcus’ and was pretty buzzed. I behaved but said some dumb things. For example, I mentioned that Marcus had already harvested some pinot and Kelly was justifiably skeptical. It occurred to me later the bin of red grapes I spied at Goodfellow was syrah. I also think I badly misquoted Marcus’s barrel regimen and Kelly was too polite to correct me.
But more to the point, I opened a '16 Ahurani last night by mistake (lots of mistakes here). I saw the art label and had it figured for a Mirabai which I have four vintages of in quantity. The '16 Ahurani is a beautiful wine-more powerful in a darker berried frame whereas the Mirabai’s tend to be higher toned bright fruit and strawberry, this was more dark violet and soy. But still so delicate and full of “tension”.
Anyhow, I just ordered a case of the '17 Coury Clone. Thanks Kelly and Dustin.

Also placed order for offer 2 at 300

Oh, I should add that giving us 12bottleclubbers the additional discount is way generous. Thank you!!!

+1, checked within minutes of it going live and library offer already sold out. Picked up Hyland Vineyards but wish a mixed offer was available.

That said, if anyone in the Bay Area wants to swap a few bottles for Momtazi, please message me.

Momtazi offer also rang up as $300 for me.

Great praise coming from you Marcus - I’ll definitely be in! (just waiting on some clarification re: 275 vs 300 on option #2).


Hoping the winery has time to get on here and reply . . .

I’d also like to split 2 6-packs and get 3+3 if anyone in San Diego or the OC wants to do so.

Bummer…ordered the vertical and put in all my information, including credit card, BD, addresses, etc, then it said it was not available once I tried to complete purchase. Was this a mistake? Please advise!