Seeking Excessible Barolo

Too late for B. Mascarello and G. Conterno. Who is next? Should I be buying all Vajra that I can get my hands on? Does anyone still buy B. Giacosa?

Excessible barolo? Is that a references to modernists with excessive oak?

Extreme large bottle formats?

You misspelled excessibe.


how are you defining accessible? do you want accessible vintages, producers, labels…?

also I’ve never had a bottle of giacosa I didn’t love.

but same goes for Vajra.

at first I read title as Seeking Execrable…

I have some Aldo Conterno I’ve been looking to sell!

Assuming the OP meant accessible. Michael, when you say accessible what does that mean to you? For some barolo in general isn’t super accessible. Any favorite commune? From Castiglione I love Brovia (their Ca’ mia from Serralunga is superb is well) but that is escalating in price quickly too. I’ve been impressed with some of Guido Porro’s wines from serralunga and those are about as Accessible as cru Barolo gets, but some vintages I’ve found to lack concentration. Francesco Rinaldi in Barolo is another good one that is affordable.

Am I on the right track for you?

I checked every bottle we have in stock. None said were they excessible or accessible, BUT I could touch them so they really are accessible. [wink.gif]

Brovia, Fratelli Alessandria and Ettore Germano.

Not for a balla’.


Well played.

You are now ITB!

A. Conterno, Brovia, Scavino…there are plenty. I my mind the biggest issue w accessibility is age and/or time in the decanter or both. Barolo should be given many hours of air before consumption. Particularly for any Barolo younger than say 20-25 years. 6-8 hours of air. Even for older vintages that can be preferable.

I’m feeling really guilty that I have many thinking I meant accessible when I used excessible. I figured that the context in the way it was used would be enough to understand its meaning, even for those not familiar with the word. For our purpose here, it refers to ostentatious excess or perhaps having more resources than sense. So, with the cost of Bartolo Mascarello and Giacomo Conterno becoming increasingly prohibitively expensive for all but excessible ballers, I’m curious as to which Barolo producer will be the next one that I can no longer afford.

And why should we tell you?

Depending on where you draw the line, maybe Vietti or Sandrone?

Are you trying to claim both that “excessible” is a word, and that we should have been able to figure out what you meant by context? Don’t think so.

How much can you afford? Answer is probably whatever Galloni rates at 100, with Burlotto Monvigliero tripling in price overnight.

ITT: moron tries to copy moron. Fails.