Seattle: WA State Grenache

Based on the discussion around Washington Grenache in the Wine Talk forum, what do you all think about a Seattle tasting that is focused on WA State (with the occasional ringer, for reference) Grenache? Dates will likely need to be in November or later, and location would be TBD, but I think it could be fun. We could even consider a midday/afternoon offline so we could utilize the space at Seattle Wine Storage, where I keep my wine, as one option (it closes at 6:00). Let’s discuss…

Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017
Time: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle Wine Storage
Theme: WA State Grenache


2015 Syncline Grenache Blanc Boushey
Rhone White (Thanks, Peter)

2013 Ocelli Cellars Grenache Columbia Valley
2013 Ocelli Cellars Grenache Snipes Mountain
20?? Cayuse God Only Knows Grenache
2009 No Girls Grenache La Paciencia Vineyard
2011 No Girls Grenache La Paciencia Vineyard
2012 Latta Wines Grenache Upland Vineyard
2010 Maison Bleue Le Midi Boushey Vineyard
2011 Maison Bleue Le Midi Boushey Vineyard
2010 Gramercy Olsen Vineyard
2010 Kerloo Alder Ridge Vineyard
2013 Two Vintners Boushey Vineyard Grenache
2012 Rate Wines La Rata
2010 aMaurice Grenache Boushey Vineyard
2011 Force Majeure Grenache Red Mountain
2010 Rotie Grenache Little g
2011 Gramercy Cellars Grenache Alder Ridge Vineyard
Declared Ringer # 1, but will be kept blind (courtesy Ryan C.)
Declared Ringer # 2, but will be kept blind (courtesy Mark Y.)
Declared Ringer # 3, but will be kept blind (courtesy Hal B.)

Brandon R.
Scott T.
Ryan C.
Jared W.
Hal B.
Mark Y.
Ron S.
Bryan C.
Lauren C.
Chris C.
Barb C.
TR Barry
Peter H.
Eric W.

Three blind flights of 6 wines (depending on how many we get), all random.

I’m available any weekend in Nov or Dec except Thanksgiving. Agnostic on location.

Could offer up 2010 aMaurice Boushey, some 2010 Maison Bleues (La Montagnette and Le Midi), and a few different 2010 and 2011 Gramercys and Kerloo.

I could make any weekend work, with enough notice. My kids don’t really need me at their soccer games anyway! Open to any location…

I could bring a 2013 Two Vintners Boushey Grenache or possibly a No Girls.

As noted in the other thread, I’d be interested and could offer a ringer. I’m booked for the first 2 weekends in Nov, but pretty much any other weekend in Oct/Nov/Dec work for me.

We’re available every weekend in Nov except the first one and definitely open to location. We’ll bring the inaugural vintage of La Rata and maybe something else if we can scare something interesting up!

Nice. I like where this is going. I’m open the first three weekends in November, with the fourth being just after Thanksgiving. While I like restaurants, sometimes a more low-key offline is preferable. I’ve done them at Bellevue Wine Storage with folks who store there because members can have after-hours access to their great private room (potluck style). SWS is great, but not really available for evenings. My home is far too small. Thoughts on location?

I’m probably out of circulation the first weekend in November, but otherwise available. I’d prefer to bring a No Girls.
Someone should bring a Spanish Garnacha or a 100% Grenache CNdP.

P Hickner

Sounds like a great event. I should be in.
Not sure exactly what I have for Grenache, but think there’s a '12 B. Leighton Grenache or can provide a K The Boy. Also have a few California’s. d66 anyone?! :smiley: Just kidding.

Walla walla release weekend is the 1st weekend in November right? Probably shouldn’t book it then.

I really like the idea. Should generally be available in November or early December. I’ll bring a ringer.



like the idea, and will try and join date pending! tagging post to follow.

i will bring ringer as well.

It’s looking like the second or third weekends in November are the consensus best picks at this point. Any thoughts on locations?

Great idea, Brandon!

For all love, don’t forget Mourvedre! :wink:

November is looking good for my schedule as well. I have GOK 09-current, No Girls and some older Betz Besoleil I could throw into the mix.

We have some 100% Garnatxa Priorat we can bring as a ringer as well if people are interested.

Brandon - I’d be good with your suggestion of Seattle Wine Storage. I’ve not been to the new location, but I assume it would work if it’s similar to the old space. I would prefer something other than a restaurant and we can bring snacks/food pot-luck style.

I don’t care when it is as much as I hope the event maintains its focus on WA Grenache. No not Mourvedre. No not California Grenache. Washington Washington Washington. Perhaps throw a few French benchmarks for comparison, but that about it.

Seahawk games (and related traffic) perfectly align with the second and third weekends up there.

Well maybe if someone brings a Sine Qua Non that would be OK.

I agree that keeping a focus on Washington State Grenache would be ideal, with the occasional ringer for palate “calibration.” I like the Seahawks idea, too, Scott. Checking the schedule, though, it looks like they’re home on Sunday the 5th, but then play on Thursday the 9th, have a bye on the 12th, and play next on Monday Night Football on the 20th. I suppose we could do a Thursday, but it sounds like the majority (including me) would prefer a weekend.

I’ve been to the new SWS location a bunch, as that’s where i keep my wine. They’ve got a large room with a large table, a TV, stemware (although I’m not sure how much), etc. Like I said, it would have to be an afternoon affair, as they close by 6:00 p.m.

I did an offline years ago with a different group, and we had pizza delivered. It was a lot of fun and was a cinch to pull off. Just an idea…

I’d be interested schedule permitting.


Certainly don’t let my schedule constraints dictate what works for others, but I could only do the 2nd weekend of November, the 11th or 12th. First weekend is Walla Walla Fall Release, 3rd is Pre-Thanksgiving in the Willamette Valley (big event weekend, and my wife works at a winery down here, which means I get to help out at events), and then Thanksgiving weekend is the 4th.

If I can’t make it, I’ll still be up for sending some donation bottles of Ocelli Cellars to add to the mix.