Scherrer: 'Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe...' 50% off select wines and free shipping. Nevermore.

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven seems uncannily pertinent for these times.

With shelter-in-place orders pretty much universally implemented, things have changed for all of us. Business wise, our core wholesale customers worldwide (mostly restaurants and small wine shops) are pretty much shut down. We had set aside wines for accounts who no longer have an outlet and can’t meet their commitments. So, we decided to take these wines that are perfectly ready to drink and make them available to you at a very special price. Hopefully this will help ease the pain of being socially distant from those we enjoy being with. [If you’re like us with an additional wine drinker (or two) in the household, the empty bottles reproduce quickly.] Half off and free ground shipping* on 12 or more bottles of these wines to the lower 48 states while this shelter in place is in effect.

These wines offer different uses and should cover pretty much any culinary need during this critical period in our history. There is no need to cellar them in order to realize their potential, yet they will be in prime shape for years to come. Just enjoy these in the weeks and possibly months to come and let some of the younger additions to your cellar creep into their adulthood.

2018 Dry Rosé We sat down and tasted a vertical of 2017-2019 Dry rosé and were blown away by how lovely they all are. While different kinds of good, we think the 2018 is perfect for drinking right now and during the next 20-30 months. No need to wait any longer. So don’t. We would have listed the 2017, but it sold out between the time we started looking at this and now. Click here to Order

2013 Russian River Pinot Noir The 2013 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir has emerged from its cocoon just over the past months. I cannot think of a more gratifying glass to pop and pour before, during and after dinner. It is our main Pinot Noir and prioritized production-wise as if it was our estate wine. Click here to Order

REVISED 2013 Russian River Syrah The 2012 sold out and we are now offering the 2013. Russian River Valley Syrah will have a very long life, being Syrah of course. Yet this has opened up to a beautiful spot just like the Pinot Noir above and will satisfy needs for richer red wines. Click here to Order

So here it is: the Nepenthe of 2020. 50% off regular price with free ground shipping* on 12 or more bottles. You can always fill out the case or two or three with our other wines normally available. While those additional wines won’t discount more than the usual rate of 10%, they will ship free with an order of 12 or more bottles. You can find all of these offerings in one place with this link:

*Shipping: Shipping will be deducted on the back end after the order is placed and before the payment method is finalized. We prefer GLS in CA and FedEx to the rest of legal shipping states unless customer has other requests. Pick up is available at the winery by appointment. Details on which states we are licensed in can be found with this link:

Down for a mixed case.

Referencing EAP in a wine offer? We must share a glass one day.


…across a 6 foot table of course.

It struck me that this reference was unavoidable given the situation. It’s hard to not weep when reading the poem considering the Lenores in the world today.

Bummer, no Oklahoma on the shopping list. I’ve been curious about these wines since I read a few great notes after BD.

We are in the process of registering as direct shippers in OK. Judi had the process started in February but due to the state’s internal communications labyrinth, the process for us was delayed a long time. We should have that finalized soon, but probably not before things heat up. We have taken a few orders of BD wines and Spring releases for fall shipping to OK (once we are legal), although I’m not sure that helps you out in the short term.


Crazy good deal Fred. The Rose is a favorite every year.

I thought it was kind of crazy too until I talk with friends in the hospitality industry who are suddenly out of work. I felt like this is something I could do for people with a few of the wines and still helps us too. We’ll get thru this, together.

The rose is close to gone. In just a few hours it looks like the 2012 RRV Syrah just sold out [swoon.gif] I’m going to look at whether the 2013 Huntsman or 2013 RRV Syrah would be the better ‘drink now’ successor. Fortunately, we made a lot of the 2013 RRV Pinot Noir.

Understand. It’s only been a bit over two years since wineries could register to ship wines in to the state. I think process is better but still not great. Thank you for trying. Will watch out for an opportunity to buy in the fall.

Whoa…that went quickly.

Easy buy.

Maybe you could offer the half bottles? People always seem to be looking for those.

Order in for a mixed case! I drink a lot of rose’ all through the year, and can always use more.

I hadn’t considered offering the half bottles on this (twice as many corks to pull)… We just made the change on the website reflecting this for those that really want the 375’s. Thanks for the suggestion.

We haven’t been putting up half bottles of rose or RRV Syrah for many years, just the main items: OMV Zin, Scherrer CS, RRV PN, Scherrer Chard.


Great offer, Fred. In for a case of Syrah.

Just ordered a case of the Rosé. Thanks Fred and I hope my little order helps a bit during these times…

I look forward to sipping these in our courtyard while waiting for all of this to blow over!


I accidentally noticed you put the 375’s of the Pinot up, and they got in my mixed case order. This was intended to be the 750’s. Oops

Incredibly, the 2013 RRV Syrah sold out in a couple hours. I think the 2014 RRV Syrah is fantastic, but really doesn’t meet my requirement of being perfectly ready to go for hunker down drinking. So, I’m going to offer the 2013 Huntsman Red (Syrah/Grenache blend) in it’s stead. It was actually considered as the follow up to the 2012 RRV Syrah which sold out yesterday evening.

The 2018 Rose sold out. I’ve dug up a tiny bit of 2017 Rose of Syrah to offer at this deal. It is drinking very well, which was the main point of this offering.

Can’t wait to get my order. Wine seems to be disappearing around the house faster than normal!

Thanks Fred, order in.

Moments after making those 2013 RRV PN 375’s available on the deal, I got a call from a woman looking for 375’s of PN. I steered her away from the 2016 she was looking at and told her about this. She doubled her order. You made her day.