Sandlands Vineyards - Winter 2023 - Save the date TUESDAY, JANUARY 24TH

I’m sitting this one out so all of my allocations will go to everyone else.

Bought the Trousseau and the Mercia. Shipping is tough at $10 a bottle, but he keeps his prices low so hard to argue with the total cost.

Exactly. Tegan might be wise to increase price $10 per bottle and provide free shipping, but then he’d hear about outrageous price increases. Sometimes you just can’t win.

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I never got the original allocation email and forgot about this release but thankfully got an email reminder today that the wait list was opening up tomorrow so I was able to order:
2 Trousseau
2 Mataro
1 Carignane
1 Mencia

First time buyer:
3x red blend
1x Mataro
1x Cinsault
1x Trousseau

How long would you recommend aging these for?

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Wishlist granted for Chenin and Mencia. Thanks, Tegan!

More Trousseau here, thanks to Tegan and team.

I had put a note in my order to limit it to six bottles total (4 orders and 3 wish listed) with the thought that it’s more economical to ship 6 bottles than seven. Just got an email stating I’m in for all seven bottles. ugh. not sure that comment section does much. Not that it’s a big deal, since it’s not, but I did reply to them.


Looks like they granted all of my wish requests. That’s amazing

There are different opinions about aging them, as you’ll see from threads on here.

But I don’t think anyone argues you can’t or shouldn’t drink them young. And especially as a new buyer. I’d say try many of them. Especially the Trousseau.

Of yours, the one with more of a reason to age might be the Mataro.


How many bottles did you get from your wish list?

Totally agree with all of this! It’s one of the rare producers where you really can’t go wrong either way (i do have a 2010 Carignane left in the cellar and im interested to see how thats doing at this age).

On that note, what is everyone’s thoughts on aging mencia? Im admittedly not as familiar with the variety so any general feedback would be appreciated :cheers:

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The following items were granted and have been combined with your original order as noted above.
Sandlands Vineyards

1 2021 Contra Costa Mataro
$30 each

1 2021 Lodi Cinsault
$26 each

1 2021 San Luis Obispo Syrah
$30 each

1 2021 Sonoma County Trousseau
$30 each

10 bottles total, with tax and shipping, $365. Such a nice deal. I didn’t get allocated any chenin blanc unfortunately. If anyone local in LA needs a bottle of something, send me a pm. Happy to share

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Thanks - very useful- will try the Trousseau and the red table wine in the coming months and take it from there!