Sandlands 2019 release date

As a PSA and an effort to reduce feelings of panic brough on by resurrecting the 2018 release thread, let’s use this thread for comments.

The release appears to be coming in early to mid-February per Instagram.

Thanks for the update!

Thank you for the info. Wine budget drastically lower due to retirement. But, have been holding back for this release. One of the only lists I can still afford (and love a great deal!).

In email today:


We are very excited to share our 2017 vintage wines with you, and we’re happy to report that we expanded the line-up to showcase additional vineyards and areas we love.

We can’t thank you enough for your support of our project, which allows us to make wines we believe in from special vineyards in our beloved Golden State.

Best wishes for 2019,
Tegan, Olivia, William and Milo Passalacqua
Now onto the wines…

We are offering 10 wines, including three new wines to the line-up. The first is a wine that I have wanted to make since Sandlands began. Our 2017 Contra Costa County Red Table Wine will feel familiar to you as it is a blend of 65% Carignane and 35% Mataro from the same vineyard in Contra Costa that which we have made wine since 2010. Contra Costa County and its old vines inspired the project from day one. It is a growing region that has not been changed since prohibition, with its head-trained, dry- farmed vineyards scattered throughout the deep blow sands and composed of three main varieties - Zinfandel, Carignane and Mataro. I chose the last two to make a wine that I believe is a good representation of Contra Costa County wine. Next, our Amador County Mission hails from North America’s oldest producing vineyard with vines planted in 1854, and finally, our Napa Valley Refosco comes from the Casa Nuestra estate in St. Helena. We only made 50 cases of the last two wines, so there is not much to go around.

Allocations. We have tried to be very fair with allocations and have offered more wine to those who have purchased from us the longest. Although allocations are not guaranteed, we have set them up so that most everyone should be able to purchase all the wines they are offered.

Shipping. We have again made the decision to subsidize the shipping charges. We are offering a flat rate of $25.00 for ground shipping for orders up to 6 bottles and $40.00 for orders of 7-12 bottles. 13-18 bottles will be $60.00, and 19+ bottles will be $80.00. This is for shipping in the US only, of course.

2017 Chenin Blanc – California – 12 barrels produced.
This wine is a 58/42 blend of our Kirschenmann vineyard in the Mokelumne River AVA of Lodi, and the Buhdda vineyard located on the Talmage bench of Mendocino County.
Lemon wax, white pepper, crisp apple, summer air, a suave textured finish.
12.4% alc.

2017 Chenin Blanc – Amador County – 12 barrels produced.
Planted in 1979 and grown at 1500 feet in a mixture of iron rich volcanic, quartz and decomposed granite soils, this vineyard is head-trained, dry-farmed and own rooted.
Crushed gravel, white pepper, almond, fennel, focused, structured finish.
12.2% alc.

2017 Chenin Blanc – Lodi – 4 barrels produced.
This wine hails from our own estate vineyard in the Mokelumne River AVA of Lodi, planted in silica-rich, white sandy soils.
Lanolin, peach skin, summer air, honeysuckle, savory, textured finish.
12.9% alc.

2017 Mission – Amador County – 2 barrels produced.
The Deaver Ranch is a wonder to just step into. Planted in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County in 1854 at 1500 feet elevation in decomposed granite and quartz soils.
Red apple, cranberry, honey, dried fig, firm, but lively granitic tannin.
12.9% alc.

2017 Trousseau – Sonoma Coast – 8 barrels produced.
Planted at 1400 feet 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean, our section of the Bohan Vineyard sits in gravelly loam soils derived from sandstone and shale.
Dried rose petal, orange zest, sun-kissed strawberry, fine grained, delicate tannin.
12.4% alc.

2017 Refosco – Napa Valley – 2 barrels produced.
From our friends the Kirkham Family who own and operate the Casa Nuestra Vineyard and Winery. 1/2 acre planted in 1999 on the east side of St. Helena in beautiful gravelly loam soil.
Violets, fresh rosemary, blueberries and iron follow through the fresh tannins.
12.9% alc.

2017 Red Table Wine – Contra Costa County – 12 barrels produced.
The vineyard was planted in the 1920s in what is classified as Dehli blow sand (decomposed granite that has been deposited by wind and water).
India ink, cranberry, ripe peach, cranberry, chalky, structured tannins.
12.9% alc.

2017 Syrah – Santa Lucia Highlands – 3.5 barrels produced.
Impeccably farmed by the Pisoni family, the Soberanes Vineyard is planted in Arroyo Seco sandy loams, riddled with chunks of quartz and granite.
Graphite, herbs de provence, grapefruit, grilled beef. Medium bodied. Long gripping finish.
12.4% alc.

2017 Mataro – Contra Costa County – 4 barrels produced.
This vineyard was planted in the 1920’s in what is classified as Dehli blow sand (decomposed granite that has been deposited by wind).
Sandalwood, dark plum, apricot, fennel, cured meats, finishes with suave, energetic tannin.
13.9% alc.

2017 Mataro – San Benito County – Enz Vineyard – 3 barrels produced.
Planted in 1923 in a mix of granite and limestone-rich soils, this head-trained, basket-pruned, dry-farmed, own rooted vineyard is one of California’s treasures of viniculture.
Crushed blackberries, graphite,fresh plum, chalky mouthwatering tannin.
13.8% alc.

Orders will be shipped, weather permitting, the week of March 13th.

Received the email, but when I click, there’s no allocation.

Same here

I also received the email but do not see an allocation when I click through. Glad I’m not alone.

I clicked through and had minimal allocations of a few wins (chenin, one mataro, etc.) but everything else was either unavailable (mission, refosco, Enz Mataro, syrah). Grabbed what I could!

Working now.

Order in. Love these wines but had to go much lighter than I wanted due to space issues.

Low allocation, but got what I wanted. A case with a good mix; only got one mission and refosco (I’ve been on the list from the beginning).My goal was a case and I got it delivered for under $400! Great wine at a reasonable price. Excited for the new varietals.

Got my order to go through! I have been buying since the initial release and got small allocations of 1-4 bottles on all wines, with options to wishlist additional bottles of Red Table Wine, Trousseau, Syrah and Lodi Chenin. Only allocated one bottle each of Mission and Refosco.

Woo! My first order was last year, so I wasn’t allocated the Refosco (counting on others here to tell me how it is!), but I am happy with my order. A nice mix of Chenin, Trousseau, and Mataro for me, with emphasis on the various Chenins. It is ridiculous how good these wines are at these prices, especially with how fashionable they’ve become.

Signed-up last March and no soup for me. Lots of things hitting right now, so I won’t say that is bad news from a monetary standpoint.

While typing this:

Thank you for your interest in Sandlands wine. Today we are releasing the first round of our 2017 wines. Due to demand that exceeds our production, we are first offering wine to those who have purchased previously from us.

There is a chance that we may have a limited quantity of wine left over from the offer. In that case, we will offer a small bit of wine to you on a first come, first serve basis, beginning approximately February 14th.

We hope that in the not too distant future, we have more wine and that we can make it available to you.

Order in for a mixed case. Left a few bottles on the table, mostly Chenin and Trousseau.

Ordered 17 btls (all the reds offered + 1 each on the Chenins.)

tough to cut back from this list, so i didn’t

Got 11 bottles of red for under $400. Great value for wines of real character and distinction.

took a case but left bottles on the table. Have been on the list since the second release was allocated one of the mission and Refosco

Similar (I think third release for me), and got 1 and 1.