San Francisco Bay Area Kikuhime Sake Dim Sum Lunch - March 10?

Hello Bay Area residents! My husband and I will be in the area in a week showing Kikuhime sake to several accounts. On Sunday morning, we find ourselves free with several open ishobin of our greatest hits, including our most rare and sought after aged sake. Would anyone be interested in joining us for a dim sum brunch in the area around Milbrae or nearby? We’d be open to suggestions for venue, if someone has a great connection, but will choose one oursevles if no one comes forward. Please reply or DM me with interest. We will have some world class sake open and available for whoever is interested! Everyone pays their way, but no charge for the Kikuhime.

When is the Pittsburgh version? Seriuously, I’d love to go.

Appreciate it! We have no buyers in Pittsburgh currently. SF is happening because we’ll have leftover sake from tastings. But I have noted the interest. Maybe we can try and get something together.

Might be interested – is this on the 17th?

Sorry no, the title is corrct - March 10. I edited the 2 weeks part to eliminate the confusion. Let me know if you are interested!

I would love to, but I have a conflict. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that dim sum places in Millbrae and Daly City will be slammed on Sunday morning.

Suggestions are Wonderful and The Kitchen in Millbrae, and Dim Sum King in Daly City. My offline group and SOs just had a fabulous CNY banquet at DSK. All have favorable corkage policies. At the banquet, we opened 21 bottles, 2 of which were magnums. Corkage was $50 total for 17 of us.

Thanks very much, Larry. Most appreciated! Just sorry you can’t join us. I’ve usually had good luck coming in right at opening, even on a Sunday, though it’s always a crapshoot. I’ll check out your suggestions and let you know which way we go. It could end up just being the two of us. We sent out these rare magnums for restaurant tastings, and several places flaked on us, so we’re stuck with open bottles. We’ll make use of them one way or another! Let me know if something changes and you could join.

Hi Sarah,

I live not far from Larry; better half and I would be up for it! Happy to get there early as well and will bring a couple of wines to add to the party. Best, Andrew

Great! I got a DM from another interested couple as well. I think DSK opens at 9 and The Kitchen at 10. We are up for arriving just before opening at either or a different option if you have a preference.

Hi Sarah, i can check with a few others as well to see if they would like to join.

Great. The more the merrier! Let me know if you have a venue preference.

On second thought, 8 to 10 is probably good.

Let’s do Dim Sum King. Is starting at 9 good for everyone? Please confirm who is in!

Ah, sorry! Unfortunately I’m not in town, super sad. Have fun everyone!

Sorry you can’t make it, Jay.

Everyone please let me know if the early plan at DSK works, or if it’s too early. Just trying to avoid long lines and wait times, as I don’t see reservations offeres
But i defer to locals - feel free to suggest something that works better!

I would love to join if there’s still room. I’ve only done take out at DSK, it will be great to sit for a meal there. I agree that getting there early on a Sunday is the way to go. When I’ve gone to Koi Palace on weekends, I get there 10 minutes before opening and have always been seated right away. 30 minutes later and it’s a long wait.

Would love to have you join Ed. I think we met once before many years ago. Jonathan and I are fine with early, but understand if folks don’t want to drink at that time.

Can I get some confirmations from others so we can set a group?

Okay - still waiting to hear back from one couple, but i think we can go ahead and set this group and plan.

Dim Sum King Daly City
9am Sunday March 10

Sarah and Jonathan
Andrew T and Chiara
Ed Kurtzman
Ryan G + Nana (and kids)
Joe & Sean Thomas

We will try and arrive a few minutes early. I’m the redhead wearing black.

Looking forward!

Larry, did you arrange the corkage deal ahead of time, and if so, who is the person to speak with at DSK?

We met once at a bar in NY with Christine Huang. I’m guessing 2009. It was just a drink before dinner. After all these years we’ll finally have a meal together. Thanks for arranging this, and for bringing special sakes. Should I bring a wine or two, or do you want to focus exclusively on the sakes? At 9AM, I will definitely order some good tea.

I didn’t arrange that dinner. I asked my friend who did and will let you know.

One tip: Dungeness crab coated with salty duck egg yolk. Peking duck is great there, too.