San Francisco Bay Area Kikuhime Sake Dim Sum Lunch - March 10?

I wonder if they would serve those at 9AM. We’ll see.

That’s right! How funny and what a happy turn of events.

If you and Larry and Larry’s friend are able to coordinate for some corkage break, that would be great. I wish we could make reservations for a bit later, but it is what it is. I have also encountered some menu items not being available until closer to lunch time. I hate that, but I hate it less than hour long waits.

As for wine - yes! Please feel free to bring bottles. That would be fantastic.

My friend talked to a floor manager. When we’ve eaten in the main dining room with no set menu, corkage was $10-20 for the table, not per bottle. Can’t hurt to give them a call.

If possible, bring your own stems and a corkscrew or two. Like the majority of Chinese restaurants, the stems are serviceable at best.

The Dungeness crabs are live and in a tank, but I don’t know if they’re available first thing. For our banquet, we had a live King Crab, prepared three ways. I’m sure that needs to be arranged in advance.

Thanks, Larry. I’ll try to stop in there in the next couple of days and talk to a manager.

Any chance one of these events going down in Los Angeles?

We’d love to make that happen. Jonathan will actually be there next week, but i am not sure how much product he will have. I’ll let you know. So pleased you are interested!

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Okay everyone, I think we are set! We’ll meet you at 9 (wel will try and be a little early) Since most of us haven’t met: I have long red hair and wear black. We will bring 2 glasses in addition to bottles.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Such a fun time today sharing great food and drinks with friends. I am so glad we could make this happen!