SAM WOO Offline (Irvine, CA); Saturday, February 25th - ROLLCALL!

Hi All . . . it’s that time again . . . Great Chinese Food + Great Wines!

Location: Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant, 15333 Culver Dr. Suite 720, Irvine, CA 92604 (crossroads: Culver, Irvine Center Drive)
Date: Saturday, February 25th
Time: 6:30pm
Theme: Bring anything you’d like!

Limit to 20 guests. Please bring your own stems. Roughly $60 a person please bring cash. PM me if you have questions. Thanks!


  1. Wei
  2. Dietz
  3. Kim
  4. Wei +1
  5. Barnebey
  6. Caplan
  7. Caplan +1
  8. Fu
  9. Lin
  10. Lin +1
  11. Selman
  12. Luttrell
  13. Luttrell +1
  14. Fred C
  15. Tung
  16. Nieto
  17. Ryan
  18. Ryan +1
  19. Tita
  20. Tita +1
  21. Barnebey +1
  22. Castro
  23. Fu +1

    Wait List

Lisa and I are tentative. Will know for sure shortly. Thanks.

What no Fu???

If it’s gonna be a bunch of wine geek dudes, my wife is not going to want to come.

Tell her that Lena may come . . . 95% chance. . . I think they are secret BFFs . . . haha

Fu is tentative I believe . . . you may need to get him on here to reply. He says he doesn’t know his schedule completely. . . I personally think he doesn’t want to come because I refuse to open a FG for him . . . [wink.gif]

Caplan and Caplan +1 added. Thanks


I’m so sad that Juyuan is not going to be living a mile away from me anymore that I have refused to drive anywhere farther than 5 miles from my home or work to eat with him.

Count me in +1.

Count me in please

aight count me in. I’ll bring bordeaux.

yeah right.

Never met the guy. neener

Paul, Paul +1, Fu, Selman added.


Mind if I crash the party?


Lisa and I are IN!

(Don’t want to disappoint Dietz) flirtysmile

Melinda and I are in! Arnie highly recommends this one.


Brian and Melinda Luttrell [cheers.gif]

Luttrells are added. Fred also added.


I’ll be new to the offline and I’m only 5 years old in this wine drinking/collecting thing so I’ll just ask for advice on what I should bring from the following list:

2006 Joh. Jos. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Auslese Gold Capsule
2000 Giacomo Grimaldi Barolo “Le Coste”
2005 Pichon-Baron, Pauillac
2005 Louis Boillot Gevrey Champonnet
Ramos Pinto Quinta 30-year-old Tawny Port

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Fred . . . no worries, I’m only 2 years into this wine-whatever-you-want-to-call-it . . . anyways. . . bring whatever you’d like; whatever you feel like opening/curious about. People bring all sorts to this event (this will be our third one): Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, California . . . again, whatever makes you happy.

Though I must say. . . I’m curious about that 05 Pichon. I’m sure others will give you their perspectives . . .