Roy Piper To Begin Using Houyi Fruit

Beginning with the 2017 vintage and to be combined with Moulds. Thoughts?

He has great style, so I expect an excellent result.

I bet he is one of those winemakers whose product is often better than you might expect from the source, if that makes sense.

His stuff seems very well crafted.

This source is pretty damn good.

I did not intend to impugn the source. Apologies if I did!

I meant to compliment the wine maker.


I love Houyi. I have only tried the estate Nine Suns, and would love to try the Realm version with Benoit.

So in 2017, from Houyi, we will have an offering from Piper and Melka? (he took over Nine Suns this year)

Oh yeah…

I didn’t mean to impugn your comment…ha! Just adding my opinion for those who may not know Houyi yet. Exciting times at this vineyard.

I believe most of the other wines from both Houyi and Moulds vineyard (his other vineyard source) are single vineyard designates. Since it sounds like Roy intends to blend these two vineyards together it will be interesting to see how he combines two very fine fruit sources together to create a blend that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Can’t wait

or he makes 2 single vineyard wines? didn’t Roy talk about wanting to do that at some point?

He plans on blending the two vineyards.

In the video he posted he said he intends to blend the vineyards together and he expects Houyi to make up about 25% of the final blend. I assume that proportion is based on the volume he expects to get from each vineyard, but it would be interesting to know how he thinks the vineyards will complement each other prior to actually having the wine in barrel. I’m assuming he’s tasted enough other wines from the vineyard to have a good sense for how it will blend with the Moulds.

The realm version is pretty damn tasty.

I’m conflicted. There’s a part of me wishing he wasn’t blending multiple vineyards. I prefer a singular expression of place over a mashup of ever changing vineyard sources. But then again I still like his wines, wherever he gets his fruit from.


My intention is the blend the juice. My goal is to take top vineyards used by others as vineyard designates and create a sum greater than the parts as a blend. I am trying to get a third great source as well but I may not know whether it is possible until a few days before harvest.

Upward and onward!

Roy - has anyone else blended these two vineyards in the past?

How do you pick which vineyards will be better blended together to create a sum greater than the individual parts? Is that just experience of tasting many different wines from various vineyards?

Also, a while back in one of your videos you talked about making some wine from Farella vineyard. What happened to that vineyard source? Did it just not end up integrating well with the Moulds or was it lost for some other reason?

Congratulations Roy!

Sounds interesting. How and when do you blend the vineyards? Pick and co-ferment? Or pick and ferment separately, and blend at barreling? Or at some point in barrel? Or just prior to bottling?

Nope. Moulds made up mostly Merus and Bucella until 2011 and Les Behrens blended his fruit until I got there. Then Les started making a vineyard designate and I helped Dakota Shy get in.

Merus was a combo of Moulds and Oakville Ranch. I loved the old Merus wines (1999-2007) prior to it’s takeover and in some ways they have been my target.

I like to keep em separate early and blend the second year. Since they are usually picked a week or more apart, really have no choice.

I am good at blending. It’s just one of my strengths. Hard to explain. I think the blue/black fruit of Moulds and the cherry/blackberry fruit of Houyi will compliment each other. Moulds will have more structure and Houyi, more tannin. Hoping they compliment.