Roy Piper To Begin Using Houyi Fruit

Sounds like you are having fun with this too!

I hate to keep banging the drum about this, but if you are really interested in the nuts and bolts of how decisions get made in the vineyard, Roy’s videos are in my mind better than almost anything out there. I have always found that lots of vineyard tours, visits to wineries, are often more about the “man behind the curtain, don’t look over there” kind of experience. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the landscaping, art, whiz bang stuff of the optical sorters, etc, but having someone walk you through the entire process is just f***ing priceless. How many winery producers would be willing to admit, “Yeah here we overcropped a bit, some of these grapes won’t really make the cut but we’ll blend them in anyway” kind of statements?

Roy, be careful. You may be a marked man one of these days. Your videos should be archived for teaching the youngsters at Davis what it takes to be a lone gun out there trying to make great wine. I met with Jason Chang on one occasion, he is indeed very gracious and quite fascinating to talk with. They are a really accomplished family! Glad you got the fruit to work with…

What Dennis said. Roy’s wine rocks! Roy’s videos rock! Roy rocks. Along with the MacDonald brothers, Claire & Aaron Pott and Rob Greer, Roy is a pleasure to buy from…quality customer service with hand crafted, amazing product.

Roy…I have some 02, 04 and 05 Merus ready to go for when you visit Nashville.

Enjoyed the video…


After watching Roy’s vids, I feel like I could grow top notch grapes…and make world class wines! All you need is rocks in your soil, pinky size shoots, and 21 leaves above the clusters! [wow.gif]

I REALLY enjoy these Roy! Kidding aside, I’ve learned a lot from them! [cheers.gif]

Roy is a good egg. Thrilled with his success and the cojones to pursue his passion.

Wow, thanks everyone. This makes me want to keep making more of em.

Roy please do! Absolutely agree with everyone above that they are one of the best resources in seeing behind the scenes and getting a true feel of how the process works. The knowledge you bring is unparalleled. Only problem is I want to pop the cork on one of your bottles every time I watch a video!

After a 2 hour decant, drank the 2013 Roy Piper with friends last night to celebrate my birthday. Roy was kind enough to reply to me right away yesterday and give me the advice that the wine should be in a great place after a proper decant. Was he right?? YES!!! [cheers.gif]

Such an awesome expression of Napa Cab! Layers of fruit, great backbone and tannins. Unanimous WOTN! Will try to hold on to my other two bottles and see how they develop.

I couldn’t agree more! Love Roy’s videos!!!