Rose Champagne Recs Under $100


Veuve Rose Reserve '08, maybe?

Moet Rose '08, possibly?

Chartogne Taillet.

Camille Saves NV and for something really different: Jose Dhondt NV…

Saves and Dethune

Great value too.

Billecart Salmon NV rose.

Definitely H. Billiot. AG has said some very nice things about Larmandier Bernier. The few times I have had it I found it challenging. Also Dhondt, Bruno Paillard, Guy Charlamegne and Gobillaird.

Brigger, yes, +1 on both these. Also, I would add the Vilmart Cuvee Rubis. When my bottles arrive, I will share one with you, too. I had one last year and about fell from my chair–was able to get a handful more.

Paul Bara grand Rose is my go to. Should be able to get at around $50.


I like almost all of the growers mentioned above.

With careful shopping, one occasionally finds vintage Bollinger Rose for less than $100. More widely, one can find vintage Pol Roger Rose. I also liked the 2008 Roederer Rose for less than $70.

What’s Ruinart goong for these days? I think thst qualifies, IIRC. Or are you only looking vintage? Aubrey is a great value, IMO


Billiot. $20 less than B-S Brut Rosé.

Another vote for Chartogne-Taillet and Billiot. Moussé Fils also makes a lovely Rosé from 100% Pinot Meunier.

Billiot, particular with the new generation steadying the ship a little, is a personal favorite. Vilmart is also outstanding.

Bara and Bara Special Club Rosé, too (might not be under $100?). José Dhondt is very good and a little funky (saignée vs. added red wine for color) as notedby Michael M. - there’s a recent release with slightly higher dosage and less lees contact (10g/l and 18 months) that is excellent and for my tastes, preferable to the one I first tried that was 8 g/l and 3 years on lees. This was contrary to my expectations, but that’s why you taste wine in practice and not theory.

Tarlant Brut Nature Rosé - this, on the other hand. Four years and the lees and zero dosage. Base wine for the version I love is 2008. All the info is on the back label.

+1 on the Billecart and the Bara; will have to try the Billiot–like his regular bottling. Since the Billecart, which I do find very fine, can be had for under $60 these days (e.g. JJB), price differential may not be as great as Alan says.

2008 Roederer Rose’. Excellent and under $75.


The Billecart can be had from a couple BerserkerBusiness folks in the mid-$50 range a few times a year in Commerce Corner. Luckily for me, they’re local.


Bara and Vilmart Rubuis

bought the B-S for 55, the Billiot for 35. Some time ago but frank a Billiot Thursday–good stuff