Robert A. Alfert, Jr., was right

Not that he isn’t always, but this 2014 Lanessan is pretty good stuff. I am not sure that I would open many bottles at this point; flannel tannins will resolve over a few years and make this wine much more enjoyable to drink, but this combines enough flesh to satisfy most “modern” wine lovers, enough guts to seduce those who pine for the good old days, and at $16, is priced as a steal for both camps. Sorry I got around to trying it so late, and hope that when the next TW 20% off coupon arrives my local store still has some quantity.

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Good to know. Given your feelings about Sociando Mallet (I recall you once posted a photo of asparagus as a tasting note for SM), I take it the Lanessan is veggie free?

And, I thought Robert was left?

Not a fan of green wine. I am a fan of trad bdx, and I’d say this hits the mark.

Robert is like Atticus Finch, a lonely voice for liberal values in the swampy south.

Lanessan is always a fantastic value. I guess the subtext here is quality/style variation based on the vintage?

Robert has been in mourning because he fears Lanessan has gone over to the dark side and has extolled the 14 as a last of the breed. Whether he is right about that remains to be seen

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Oh, so one Robert retires and another Robert decides he’s the voice of Bordeaux now. GREEEEEAAAAAAT.

Next, step aside Mr Peck, we have the real McCoy, a Southern lawyer who drinks wine and knows things.


Alfert is man and myth. Country wrapped in Boss. Humble mired in hubris. A walking, talking enigma. An enigma wrapped in mystery. A deer slayer and purveyor of foie gras; a dog fanatic. A liberal voice of reason in the right-wing South. An inherent contradiction of sorts.

But in all things Lanessan, he’s knows his sh*t. This wine is excellent.

Disregard his palate and prose on all else.

Glad this one hit the mark, Counselor.


Um, duh.

Lanessan, wasn’t that a lesser family in Westeros, the one with good taste. Sir say something to clarify this for me and about Hubert, the Dark.

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I usually don’t open threads whose titles are oxymorons, but glad I made an exception!

Nice work, Robert!


Nope the Baratheons are the better wine makers. champagne.gif

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Sir Jamie Lannesan is a complex soul, making complex wine.

Unfortunately, he died during crush. (spoiler alert)

And using only one hand.

Nicely done. [cheers.gif]

I got this for my wife…

Unfortunately, she only uses it when she’s wearing this shirt…

Let us not forget the first men. Just saying.

He died defending the vineyard from the evil modern consultants, arriving with their new oak ships and bringing fire and heat. A sad story…

Just so long as his sister didn’t inherit the place.

Will we now call him Tyrion Alfert?

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