Rivers-Marie 2017 Spring Release

I really like their wines and think they are far better with age on them.

(That said, my self-imposed list non-buying policy of the last few years means that I don’t even know if I have an account with them anymore)

Never had rm before and not a big Pinot drinker. What would be recommended if I want to buy 3 bottles to try it? Would prefer something to drink right away to get a feel for the rm style.

Sonoma Coast Pinot for sure. I think it’s a great example of what the wine can do and is what made me join the list (after mooching off of friends for a few years!).

I bought the past 2 years and didn’t get an offer email this year but you never know.

Quantities are ridiculously low. I assume some folks newer on the list may not get an allocation.

I’m not a huge pinot drinker either, and I always enjoy the RM pinots. I agree with Tom that the Sonoma Coast is a good starting point.

I may change my buying strategy a bit this year, and only grab a couple of bottles of pinot since I don’t drink a ton of it. I enjoy it, but all things being equal I’d rather shift my spend more to the cabs and chard. However, I reserve the right to change my mind until the moment I submit my order :wink:

I started buying way back in 2006, but haven’t bought the last few years. Not sure if I get an allocation still.

Anyone that doesn’t get an offer feel free to message me I’d be willing to share on certain bottles.

Sean what’s your opinion on their chards being offered?

Offer open.

Order in!

Open but MA isn’t listed as a shipping state. What a kick in the gut.

It must be tiered, me no get in!

Their site won’t let me checkout, disappointing.

Cool news on Platt Vyd. Littorai does a a real nice Pinot from Platt. And Ramey’s Chard from Platt is supposed to be awesome. Looking forward to trying the R-M Platt.

No allocation for me neither. I had ordered from 2006 (small amounts) but I haven’t ordered in a couple years as I was on list hiatus due to wine overload.

My order is in. R-M is about the biggest PN that I will buy, but it’s so delicious that it is a no-brainer purchase.

If anyone has a problem with the release or checking out, please email me will@riversmarie.com and I’ll do my best to get it fixed. Thank you all for your support, great morning. --will

Ah, sweet relief!

Thank you!

Man, my wine OCD can get the better of me. I was actually nervous! (Nerd, Anton.)

Order in.