Rivers-Marie 2017 Spring Release

Looks like the release will be on 1/17 and will include all of the pinots (including the first vintage from Bearwallow) and the chardonnays. Information from Will on what will be included is below:

Sonoma Coast - Pinot & Chard
Occidental Ridge
Silver Eagle
Kanzler (last vintage)
Summa Old Vines
B. Thieriot Chard
Joy Road Chard

Really looking forward to this release and the discussion of these wines.

Did you get an email ? Or have the inside scoop?
Just curious since 2015 production apparently is down in terms of qty compared to other years.

How long have you aged these and what have discovered with their ability to age? Do they soften, or transform?

No email yet, yields are definitely down though. I’m wondering if that’s why they moved the SV chards back into this release.

Personally I’ve had an 06 and an 08 Summa OV in the last year and I thought the 06 was in it’s drinking window, but wish I would have waited longer on the 08. Both were surprisingly fresh given their age and the 06 had just started to soften and the spice and orange peel characteristics were more pronounced.

Very interested in finding out how the 2015 SC Chard compares to the amazing 2014.

SV chards included in this shipment??? Impending doom for my credit card.

I have had to skip the last few releases but will be back in for a few this time. Looking forward to the chards.

I’m in for at least 6 as well.

Rivers-Marie, Carlisle, Loring and Navarro are pretty much the only “lists” I still buy from (since I can get Novy/Siduri now at reasonable prices at NorCal Raley’s supermarkets).

My consumption of RM the last two years…been buying since 2007. The 2007 Occidental PN was great and most of the PN’s really held up well and the Chard was really good too. The 2004 -2006 cabs really didn’t hold on though and I think I should have drank them much much sooner. I think the key here is I need to drink more.

Any thoughts on which of the Pos tend to be more approachable young? thanks.

Anyone know why this is the last vintage of Kanzler?


My feelings are Kanzler and Sonoma Coast . Silver Eagle too.

Summas and Occidental probably need some age.
And Bearwallow .

And probably somewhat dependent on the vintage.

Probably Will of Rivers Marie, who will hopefully chime in. I had a 2013 and found it very sweet.

The 2012 Occidental drank a month ago was the first and only RM Pinot that I’ve had so far… and enough reason to make this a case buy for me.

Super excited, but eesh, I am screwed budget wise. I know allocations will be down, but if I get a couple bottles of most of these and a few of the SC chard/Pinot, I’m gonna have to make some tough decisions. Buying all at once this year vs having a 6 month window between 2 buys is rough. That being said, I understand why it’s happening and have even prepared myself for higher than usual pricing due to less quantity.

Excited for what 2015 has to offer!

Great wines. The SC Pinot is probably a top 5 QPR wine I’ve discovered on this board. In for a mixed case.

If I recall correctly (which is highly debatable), allocations are not guaranteed. Wonder how they are going to handle it this year given the low qty’s?


Looking forward to this. Haven’t tried much RM yet so I’ll be dabbling a bit. Feels like SC might be the one to go deep based on qpr

Not to rain on any parades but if the offering is like past years there is no “going deep” on SC. You’ll get allocated the same as everyone else (no reward for longevity) and wish lists in a year like 2015 will probably be non existent. Just a guess though.

heartily agree. I drink them too fast.

hm i didn’t get the email yet? did everyone else get it already?