Richebourg used to outshine Romanée-St-Vivant. Is that really changing?


RICHEBOURG used to be the greatest Red Burg apart from ROMANEE-CONI and LA TACHE. Nowadays ROMANEE and even ROMANEE-ST-VIVANT are more than just competitors and sometimes if not regularly outshine RICHEBOURG. Christophe Roumier is even convinced that MUSIGNY is indusputably the greatest of them all. What is your opinion?


A Chambolle producer saying they think musigny is the best is surprising? :roll_eyes:

Rsv has definitely improved lately, at least in the DRC portfolio.

may also have to do w who produces each. For me, RSV has a lacy finesse with some power in the background whereas Richebourg leads with its power. Nice to compare the two where there is the same producer, such as H-N or DRC.


Among, la Romanee, Richebourg, Musigny and Romanee St. Vivant, my favorite is the one that has been opened up and is in a glass in front of me.


I thought I remember Aubert saying once that he was unhappy with some of the sources of the RSV, i.e., the old Monge vines. I think he replanted and liked the result a lot more. He used to price the Rich higher than the RSV. It is now the reverse, so Aubert must be happy with the RSV as a general matter.

At 39:10.

I will watch that podcast but I recall there were a half dozen RSV plots and one was finally excluded since vines were not up to snuff. Maybe it’s been replanted and added or maybe kept out. Regardless it’s great wine.

Sums it up nicely


Concerning what C ROUMIER said : I truly believe he was not biased and reallly meant it when he said MUSIGNY was the best wine in all of Burgundy. I know lots of people who would agree. The only disadvantage MUSIGNY has is that it is not a monopole such as RC and LA TACHE. But then again, neither are RICHEBOURG and ROMANEE-St-VIVANT…

And Chambertin? and Beze?


CHAMBERTIN? The one made by ROUSSEAU? Yes. For the rest : too many mediocre Chambertins : try the one made by CAMUS…


Also, many people say, because he has a small Musigny parcel, Roumier Bonnes Mares is often better (and more available) than his Musigny…

Ref Richebourg and st Vivant, it may be tastes have changed and people may now prefer the RSV style.

Right, why don’t you ask Rousseau which vineyard he thinks is the best? :roll_eyes:

I did not “ASK” Roumier. if you believe that EVERYONE is subjective than you are entitled to that opinion. I have another experience. For God’s sake…For what it’s worth : the late great Charles Rousseau once told me that he believed MONTRACHET was the greatest most complete BURGUNDY.?? Was he drunk???


Friends, Next week I am into a sensational “dégustation” in which RSv is being thrown in alongside RICHEBOURG. Winemaker : HUDELOT-NOELLAT where i always admired both giving the nod usually to the sensational RSV. The 91 is one of my greatest Burgundies ever.


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Are you based in the Belgium? Curious as to how you can organize a large tasting nowadays?

Dear Joseph,
Don’t you worry bout a thing. My friend EARN and myself have been visting the region since 1985 and the two of us organize such tastings solely for the two of us. He is specialized in CLOS VOUGEOT and delivers the wines to be tasted when it is his turn. Me, I specialize in Vosne. Everything CORONA free .


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When I saw the word “sensational”, I was expecting a large tasting with tens of bottles of RSV and Richebourg… enjoy and keep us updated :slight_smile:

It makes no sense to judge a vineyard’s potential by its lesser producers. I could make a pretty nasty wine with Romanee Conti grapes with little effort.

Add Dujac, Leroy and Trapet to Rousseau.

Everything regarding wine is subjective, unless you’re performing quantitative analysis of the wine with GC mass spectroscopy or the like.