Retailer Check: Vint Marketplace (Washington, D.C.)

No. Depending on how Washington’s sales or use tax law is crafted, it may be a way of delaying paying the tax, which in itself is not without value.

Hi. I was not referring to any ‘trick’ in the post above but just the delivery option I experienced with vint. I am not familiar with when state taxes are collected, but maybe it’s the result of their business model or wines being imported to a warehouse in another state (e.g. a sales tax free state)? I suggest you contact vint if you are interested in one if their wines and what delivery options you have. They were very responsive and the lowest price for my purchase even if sales tax were applied.

I recently received my first notice that my wines are available from Vint Marketplace, so here is a sequence for anyone considering them or awaiting a pre-arrival:

  • I ordered a 6-pack on 10/18/23 with a pre-arrival timeframe (if I recall) around 12-24 weeks.
  • The status was pending for the pre-arrival with no approximation of delivery timeframe after purchase.
  • I got an email saying my order had arrived on 3/6/24.
  • The email sent me to a link that asked to confirm my address and if I wanted an OWC also.
  • A week later (3/13/24), I received a PDF invoice with a link to pay for shipment to Missouri.
  • Shipping for the 6-pack was $30 + $7.17 insurance +$20 to get the OWC. I’m not sure if the shipping would be lower without the OWC or not…

So far, it’s been a fine process with the small nit that I’d like to have at least a broad approximation of the arrival time for pre-arrivals. I’ll ping this again when the bottles arrive.


great post - thanks for the details.

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I just placed an order for a couple of 6 packs myself. Will post when I get them!

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Very helpful information. Thank you

When I have found stuff it says 12-24 weeks, not months. Regardless, it reads like it came in that time frame, which is good news.

Where did it ship from? IIRC, it’s DC but would love a first hand account.

Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for catching the error. I edited the above to show weeks instead of months.

As for shipping origin, I’ll update once I receive delivery. I’ve only paid, so no opinion/experience with delivery yet.

I received a shipment notification from Vint Marketplace (after being informed that my wine had arrived on the east coast a week ago) that my 6-pack of VilmartGrand Cellier Oenotheque T15 would be delivered to LA this coming Friday. I ordered on 11/5. Box was shipped from Woodbury, CT. $36.93 by FedEx ground, including insurance.


Similar update from me. I got a FedEx notification that my shipment is scheduled for arrival on Wednesday to Missouri (mine from Stratford, CT). It is being handled by Gironde Logistics and Services and includes a reference to Vint Marketplace in the FedEx record. It’s nice to be able to see more detailed information about which retailer is shipping. When I get a bunch all at once in October and November, it can be quite the mystery sometimes :sweat_smile:.

Just following up to note that everything arrived in good order. No issues.


Isn’t the OWC “free” normally, though I can understand the added cost to ship? Put differently, I would think the $20 OWC charge is for shipping it as well.

I bought the wine without the OWC, and they offered it to me when it arrived at an additional cost. I didn’t have one from this estate and decided to get it as an add-on.

Just received notice today that my orders from mid November will be arriving in a couple weeks. If I recall they were slated for 12-24 weeks so it is within that window.

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Correct, Andrew - we have to send the wood in a separate shipper, the $20 is simply to cover the shipping charges.

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Just got my first case (of four) that I ordered in December. I have to say I really like this system - the prices are very good and the commitment to 6 or 12 bottles (mostly) means I’m not puling the trigger every five minutes, only on things I really want. Adam has been great at communicating and also interested in knowing what they can do better. On the latter front, I’d say that the website lacks a way to track what has actually arrived, though you can inquire and the team is happy to relay that info. So far so good - recommended.


Agree. I ordered an exploratory six pack, it arrived timely in perfect condition, so I’m now waiting on a few more.

They are transparent about their system and time frames. So far, so good.

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Do they charge sales tax to NY?

I’m pretty sure they don’t, but I can’t say definitively.

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