Realm Spring Release

What ever happened to the Beckstoffer Bourn vineyard wines? Was that wine discontinued, or was it just moved to a different release?

@David_Crow 2021 was the final vintage for Beckstoffer Bourn in our portfolio. It was time to reduce the number of wines we make and to focus more on our estate vineyards. That meant eliminating both Bourn and To Kalon Cabernet Franc (now blended into To Kalon for a single bottling from the vineyard). For the time being, Falstaff is also not being produced…although we hope to bring that back in the future.

As promised, I’ll share just a few words about each of the wines and allocations in this release and then I’ll shut up for awhile.

  • 2023 Fidelio. Truly an electric wine. Volume was healthy so allocations should be fairly consistent from previous years.

  • 2023 Precious Twin. Full of flavor, someone on our team tasted it today and described it as watermelon salad. I hadn’t thought of that description before but it’s a good one for this wine. Less volume than 2020 La Fe but allocations should still be decent here for those who’ve purchased rose in the past.

  • 2021 Farella. Great tension in this wine. Decent volumes (access to water in 21 vintage was critical) so allocations should be pretty good here too.

  • 2021 Houyi and Realm x Nine Suns. Houyi shows more density, Nine Suns highlights more elegance. Fascinating to compare two wines from the same vineyard made with two different approaches. Starting in 2022, these two will be consolidated into one wine so allocations for Houyi will grow next year.

  • 2022 Beckstoffer To Kalon and Dr. Crane. We discussed the heat spike in 22 above. Both of these are Grand Cru vineyards in Napa Valley and you really see that in extreme weather conditions. Quantities of both are better than 2021 so allocations should be reasonable. We are giving more people the option to submit a wish request for To Kalon this year. We know we won’t be able to fulfill all requests but we will translate most wish requests this year into guaranteed allocations next year. We know we have a larger volume of 2023 To Kalon in barrel (generous vintage plus pick up of some old Schrader rows).

As always, allocations are guaranteed for the duration of the release. Use the wish request function to indicate your desire for more. We genuinely try to grant as many requests as possible. You can expect healthier allocations for Houyi and To Kalon next spring.

Thanks for all the questions and comments here. @N_Justl love the thread drift…more please!


Looking forward to the release! Its my first spring allocation sol Ill use wishes to setup for next year!

If this is only your first Spring allocation those are rookie numbers.:rofl::rofl:… J/J some of us other crazy Berserkers are several deep already

I’m looking forward to the release as well

Rookie numbers are all I can afford :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Offer is live.

Looking forward to previewing these Thursday @ Realm x Miami. We say it every release but I love the guaranteed allocations.


In for a BTK (actually glad it doesn’t come until Fall, there’s no room in my cellar now)!

I cant order or wishlist the beckstofers which is expected for my first spring Im considering
1x farella
1x Houyi
1x Rose

I also love the way these allocations are managed and shipping included is huge as well

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I do appreciate the guaranteed allocation and generous purchase window through 20 February. Gives me a chance to put my order of 2 each Dr. C and BTK on the next CC cycle along with Scarecrow in a few weeks (ouch). Current CC cycle has BD15 purchases along with Memento Mori, Bevan, and Maybach so this statement already hurts.


Anyone know what the average waitlist time is for Beckstoffer allocations? Was holding out hope for an allocation this release but I will have to practice some additional patience.

My first Realm order was in 2022. I received an email in late January this year that i would be offered, for the first time, access to one of these wines, but have no guaranteed allocation of them today, just wish list. I guess the ability to wishlist is “access”?

“For the first time, your allocation will include access to at least one of our Beckstoffer wines. Beckstoffer To Kalon and Dr. Crane will be offered as a pre-release since these two wines from the 2022 vintage are still resting in barrel. Once our release opens, you will notice two separate tabs for “Spring Delivery” and “Fall Delivery”. The Beckstoffer wines will ship later this fall whereas the other Spring Release wines will be shipped this spring.”

Make sure you don’t forget to click the other tab for fall allocations. I missed it the first time when browsing on mobile haha!

Same here and received an email stating I would “receive access to at least one Beckstoffer wine”. Started in Fall of 2022 so I would still consider myself a newbie although I didn’t even receive a wishlist opportunity.

Just saw your message. You’re right, I missed it!!

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That’s odd that you don’t even have the ability to wishlist. Did you check to see whether you have a “Fall Delivery” tab? I was confused about why I didn’t get an allocation after that email, but at least I received “access” (I guess) through wishlisting.

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Just noticed the Fall tab. Hopefully we’ll be granted some wishes :wink:

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LOL!!! I’m in the same boat scheming the same thing! HAH

I started this thread taking a pause and wondering if I should peel back. I’m likely going to take my entire allocation with exception of the rose (ouch!). I didn’t get any Nine Suns allocated, I REALLY wanted that… Fingers crossed on the wish list!

I dont see a Fall tab, Either I dont have it or dont know where to look :sweat_smile:

BTW whats the price on Tokalon and DrC?

Order in for:

6 Fidelio
3 Farella
3 Nine Suns
2 Dr. Crane (+1 wish list)
Wish List 1 BTK Mag
Wish List 1 Dr Crane Mag

Probably overdid it a bit lol