Realm Spring Release

The Realm spring release hits on 2/6. I’ve been collecting Realm for about 5-6 years, one of the first wineries I started collecting. I buy the whole portfolio although I’m having some second thoughts this release. I think I’m going to load up on Sav Blanc and the two Pritchard Hill wines but skip the Rose, Dr Crane, and To Kalon.

Wondering what other opinions are out there, especially of the Beckstoffer wines? I find them excellent but at their price point there is a ton of other outstanding Napa wine.

Havent really enjoyed the reds yet (bard, levensohn) but may just need more cellar time. I have really enjoyed the SBs though. Will probably continue to buy just the SB if they keep it under 100.

I haven’t really enjoying the Bard since around 2016, I was especially disappointed in the '21. And yeah, the SB is exceptional! I always open the first bottle and say to myself “I should have bought more”

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Ya i bought the 19 bard, moonracer, and levensohn to give it a try but wasnt too impressed so stopped buying them. Like you said ive really enjoyed the SB so have continued to buy those!

0utside of Dr. Crane, which is getting too expensive for me, my favorites have been Falstaff and Farella. Unfortunately the Falstaff is discontinued for the time being. I’m not really interested getting both Houyi vineyards and will stick to BT’s to continue my vertical. Will continue to get my 1-2 bottles of Fidelio.

I went deep (for me) in their last release, I enjoy the wines a lot. So far have only tried 18 bard and tempest but I will try to get some of the upcoming wines. Interested in what others think of the single vineyard wines. I also love Di Costanzo and both have a pretty different style so they complement perfectly in my cellar


I really like the Houyi and expect to like the nine suns collab (or whatever it is). For me, I think it’s more because I like most anything from Pritchard Hill. The Beckstoffer’s are excellent, but for me I’m questioning buying more and instead allocating the funds to some ready to drink stuff at action. I’ve only been collecting for around 5 years, so I have a cellar full of young wine that I can’t open guilt free.


This is exactly where I’m at.

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I dropped out the year they added petite syrah to the Bard blend (I do not think they have done that again) and as the price increases kinda ate away at the value proposition.

I’m curious on the blend for the 23’ Fidelio. Rumor has it they’re including Semillon (and hopefully some Muscadelle) to move the bottling into more of a white BDX style. I’ve always thought Realm’s SB to have the wildest flavors among its peers, creating a very distinct wine. By adding the other varietals to give more complexity and richness could be super interesting.


I love their SB, however am also worried it will go above $100…

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Scot has participated in previous releases to explain the wines and vintages, would love something like that for this release specially since allocation may be limited

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I have renewed excitement in Realm after trying an '18 Houyi. Thought it was in a great place and a good value point compared to many other Prichard Hill offerings. The To Kalon offering I wasnt offered last year, but would probably go for a bottle if offered. Been saving the SB’s for a rainy day :wink:

I’m definitely in for a 3-pack of Fidelio assuming they’ve kept it under $100. Beyond that, not sure yet, but will no doubt depend on pricing.

For your sake, I hope it rains very soon!

Ya ill do fidelio if under 100,but thats it at this point.

I think this may be the first Spring Release I’ll skip. I usually get at least a 3 pack of Dr. Crane and other wines here and there, but I have a vertical starting with 2013 and just don’t think I need more at this point. Great wine though and my favorite SVD Realm wine.
I really did like the 2021 Bard (and other vintages of Bard) and still consider it a really good value.
Unfortunately, as this stage, that is likely the only Realm wine I’ll continue to buy.
That said, the one-offs can be interesting . . .

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I really like Farella. Crane is a game time decision. Always get a Fidelio for Thanksgiving. Really liked the Rose when it was first offered, but it’s a lot to pay for Rose. Cost is always an issue because I’ve been moving towards wine that I don’t have to store as long to hit its prime.

I agree with the sentiment of this post. Pricing is becoming a bit of an issue with some of these bottles. Will be interesting to see the price point of Realm x Nine Suns. In my experience, when a winemaker says stuff like “never before, never again” I expect some sticker shock. I love Fidelio but if it crawls over 100, I might pass as well. Dr. Crane is always on my radar. I need to make some tougher decisions these days as I finally got a SQN allocation and I have quite a few Realms already in the ol’ cellar. I’m hoping prices don’t jump too much.

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Found some details on their site. Their artwork alone is dope!