Realm Spring 2020 Release

Anyone planning on jumping in on this release (2017 SVDs and 2019 Fidelio)?

Out of curiosity, given the other thread, how did JD score these?

T-minus 1hr…love that damn clock. Let’s go!! Six years of being on the list, hoping for at least one Dr. Crane to be allocated…

Don’t know about JD but AG scores them:
‘17 To Kalon 95
‘17 Dr Crane 94
‘17 Moonracer 94
‘17 Houyi 93

The reviews sound good with 1-3 point drops from ‘16: 95+, 96, 97, 95. Generally more approachable early.

17’ BTK - 97
17’ DC - 98 (Tried it at the property last May,definitely worth the 97-98 ratings)
17’ MOON - 96
17’ HOUYI - 95
Fidelio has never been reviewed by JD.

Thanks Philip and John. Looking forward to seeing what they offer me this cycle.

2 To-Kalon
1 Dr Crane.

Happy but wished for more.

Order in!
(1) Dr. Crane (Thank you!)
(1) Fidelio Magnum
(3) Fidelio

Anyone passing on Dr Crane or BTK please message me. Happy to take it off your hands.

Anyone have experience with the Fidelio? How does it compare to other higher end Napa SB’s like Vineyard 29, Eisele, etc.?

Bummed about no Farella this year because of the fires. I really like that vineyard.

I got a smaller allocation this year. Only one Moon and one Houyi. oh well…

+1…after Nick gets his fill, please message as I’m interested in some BTK and Crane as well.

Prices for current release?

1 Houyi $210
2 Moonracer $250
3 Fidelio $60

1 Fidelio Magnum wishlist $140

No Crane or TK, :man_shrugging:t3: Less than 2 years on list.
Fingers crossed for 18’s next year.

I was fortunate to get Memento Mori Dr Crane yesterday so not too bummed…

Was it the 17 MM yesterday? Or the 18?

:heart_eyes: Memento Mori
Las Piedras
Vine Hill Ranch

$675 3 packs only

Wow strong offer!

Out of curiosity, was it separate 3-pks of each wine, or a 3pk including one of each?

Separate. 3 SVD per black gift box.
A mixed 3 pack would be a good idea though.

Same here with less than a year on the list. Actually ok with no ‘17 Crane or TK since I’ve got Myriad and B Cellars but hoping to get them next year. Will probably go for 1 each of the Cabs and 3 of the SB. The SB is pricey but sounds tasty and the bottle looks beautiful.