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I have been buying The Bard for a few years but never offered the Tempest or Falstaff so I just wishlist them. Wishlist not granted again this year. Now waitlist people are being offered wines that Realm won’t offer me (even though I have been a multi-year buyer) or sell me through my wishlist. Not as high on those customer service accolades as some on this board seem to be.

Ya, that ain’t right. I too received my first offering this week, so I’m happy about that, but it doesn’t make sense to hold back the same bottles from current members.

As an update, Realm just reached out to me and said that they made a mistake by not offering me the Tempest and Falstaff and not granting the wishlist. They were able to offer me the Tempest (Falstaff now sold out). I give them credit for reaching out and taking care of this issue. Thanks Realm.

Greg, same thing happened to me. Offered the Bard, which I took all of and then also wishlisted more Bard, the Tempest and Falstaff. Wish was granted for more Bard but not the other two. Seems a bit weird to me as well that they’re now offered to waiting list (including mags). Maybe they’re still sorting out their guaranteed allocation system. Anyways, I’m still happy to have gotten a bunch of the Bard (my favorite) so I’ll be grateful for that, just wish I could have had a chance to try the other two as well.

EDIT: Started to write this post before Greg’s posted his follow up message. Don’t want to make it seem like I’m fishing for additional offer, I’m new to the active list so I’m happy with whatever I get to try! The folks at Realm have been fantastic so far and I can’t wait to visit them at their new place.

Greg, same thing happened to me. I think their customer service is fantastic so I’m attributing this to the new allocation system and I’m sure they’ll improve it by the next offer. Very happy to get some Bard and, judging by the board, I’m a pretty small customer for them so no complaints.

Oops, just saw Greg’s follow up and Mike’s reply…I’m not trolling for any more wine either. Very happy to be a customer and thrilled that others can get some wine for the first time.

PS, I’m not implying that Greg was lobbying for more wine, and if he was good for him. [cheers.gif]

Does anybody know Realms production numbers for these three wines. It seems to me that the Bard is their flagship wine to begin with and they are no producing it in higher numbers while the tempest and falstaff are produced in smaller numbers.

How much do/did they charge for the big boys in the spring??

$175 for to kalon and dr crane
$300 for absurd

“Ya, that ain’t right. I too received my first offering this week, so I’m happy about that, but it doesn’t make sense to hold back the same bottles from current members.”

I think I have to disagree with this. I have been on both sides of the fence with mailing lists, and at the end of the day the existing customers are indeed getting an allocation, and the winery is running/building a business, so it makes sense to me to add noew customers. I think it is a balance.

I could understanding limiting numbers to allow for expanding numbers of members. But in this case the issue was a current purchaser not being allocated any of one wine when new members where.

This was absolutely my point (David’s response) and, no, I was not lobbying for extra bottles of wine. I have been on lists for many years and I still remain on one waiting list and hope to get through on that list at some point so I understand how it works. Realm couldn’t have been nicer when i spoke to them. They understand the need to take care of existing clients and the desire to get new people to try their wines. They were very apologetic about the omission as they have a few growing pains with their new guaranteed allocation system. I am now exited to try one of their wines (Tempest) that I have not had previously.

Thanks for the clarification, and glad you got yours after all. Yes, I see your point, my bad.

Greg, thanks for raising the awareness…I too had a similar issue with wish list items and allocated but not offered options. Realm was friendly and responsive, and I had a similar outcome to yours. Kudos to Realm! Customer service is top notch. [cheers.gif]