Realm offer live

One of my constant year in and year out buys (and also for their Feb. offering).

Love the wines and customer service from Juan and team.

Picking my full allocation for 2014 Bard and Tempest.

No price increase for Tempest and only a $5 increase for Bard.

IMO, great value for the quality.

Also, nice little mention in the most recent Robb Report that the somm at French Laundry added 2013 Realm Dr. Crane to its list as part of a short list of “finds.”


Bard 6+2 wished
Plus 1 mag of the Bard.

My favorite wine.

Took my full allocation as usual. One of the top Napa Cabernet producers at the top of their game at the moment!.. 2014 looks to be a winner vintage for them!

I went back for more. Asked for another 4 Bard and 4 Tempest. I wonder what the likelyhood of that will be.

12x Bard
2x Bard mags
2x Tempest
1x Falstaff

Wished more Bard and Falstaff and will probably go back for the Tempest I left on the table. Great wine, better people.

Clint, you should give the Bard a try. I think you may just end up liking it!

Ha! Think I ended up with 4 cases of '13 Bard after my allocation and buying out every retailer that had it on release on W-S. Admittedly, that was a little aggressive. Looking forward to seeing what they do with estate fruit in the future.

Anybody get to taste the wines yet?

Everyone in this thread is really grooving on the Bard. This is predominantly cabernet as opposed to the Tempest and the Falstaff. What makes this cabernet much different or better than their other single vineyard cabs from Beckstoffer and Houyi?

How does bard compared to their to KAlon or d. crane?

Where is Barb fruit from and is it worth comparatively $100 in Napa world? I’ve never had one. Have had falstaff tk and dc a few times.

Just signed up for their mailing list - late to the party. Any idea how long the wait is these days?

Mark- it’s a blend of vineyards which i love. The 13 is outstanding. The 14 is a blend of Blair, Farella, Houy( Pritchard Hill), and Weitz Vineyards per the website. In terms of Napa pricing it’s certainly worth the price point IMO and I’ve cut way back on Napa cabs especially the 3 digit ones.

What’s pricing this year?

worth it. Every penny.

Realm was $100
Tempest $85
Falstaff i think was $125

After getting the Favia offering and seeing the prices go up from $150 to $175, it made me even happier to have purchased everything I was allocated from Realm (and wish listed more)…and made it easier to pass on Favia…

Is anyone passing on theirs?

Has anyone been able to receive receipt on wishlist items yet?

What is the waitlist time like currently? I signed up last fall and have been passed over for the last two allocations. My old LWS had a good selection so I was just buying through them but I recently moved and can’t find Realm at any of my new stores.

Nothing yet. Fingers crossed.

Shaun, my friend didn’t receive after 3 offerings now. So I would have no idea where they are at.
But I do believe their production on bottles are going up at a pretty large rate. So I’m sure it can’t be too long?

And speak of the devil. A good chunk of my wishlist was granted. =)