Realm offer live

Got all my wish list!

Additional 9 bard and mag, 2 more tempest, 1 more falstaff.

I wish

Now that is funny. Did a double check on email and BAM. There they are. 4 bards and 1 tempest extra.

Im happy happy.

Love realm.

Most of my wish list was granted as well. Ditto the love for Realm!!

Just got mine too - 9 Bard, 3 Tempest and 2 Falstaff.

Told myself I was cutting back this fall on purchases, but it’s a no brainer to go long on Realm.

++1 on my wish list too… Stoked!! Love Realm!

Kudos to Juan & Co. for the new allocation model - a big change from all of the broken hearts in February!!! They really understand the customer service side of things.

Realm and its people rock. Great people there. Im a lifer.

Looks like my wish list didn’t get filled :astonished:

I got offered 3 tempest and 1 Bard first time off the waitlist. :slight_smile:

Received my first allocation. I was offered Bard and Tempest. IF I were able to swing one mag, which of these two wines would you suggest?

Go with the Bard for a Mag

Bought the allocation of a friend last week and
then made it to the list this week…

In again!


I made it off the wait list too! Geez, I sure hope I like these wines…

You will!! :slight_smile:

I’m new on the list too. I just bought one of each because I’m already over wine budget this month, and I’ve never had them before.

Hmm wonder if I’ll get in on the next wave. Let’s hope

Same, took all four bottles. Joined the waitlist November 14, 2015, first offer of 3 and 1 came through last night.

I’m trying to trim my list purchasing, so I’m going to have to figure out what Realm will bump out.

Same situation as well.
Ordered all 4 bottles that were allocated.

So Realm owes how much commission to wineberserkers?