Quick...wine that goes with Split Pea Soup?


1975 Dom Perignon P3!!

you’re welcome

Earthy red. N Rhone Syrah, Bordeaux, Languedoc, maybe a Gevrey. Pea soup sounds super British, so you can do what the British do, and drink port.

Sounds like a great winter meal Brian.

I’d go white: Gruner Veltliner or Vernaccia di San Gimignano (or other tank fermented savory -herbal Italian white). Low dosage pink bubbles would probably do well too.

Good luck and please post your results!

  1. Massive thick dry white… Northern Rhone or blowsy California Chardonnay
  2. light to mid-weight Pinot Noir… Bourgogne or maybe Monterey
  3. Zinfandel if it happens to be cold outside

Dan Kravitz

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Sparkling Ribolla Gialla from Slovenia.

Wow- interesting to see how massively different these recommendations are…

+1 for a Gruner Veltliner. Matches the green veggie notes in the soup.

Chenin Blanc

Emidio Pepe trebbiano

I’m with Dan, especially on the suggested whites.

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Tercero Outlier

Grab a stout, mate.


“Split Pea Soup” can cover a lot of ground — I think that’s one reason we’re seeing a lot of suggestion. For a lighter soup, I think there have been a lot of good whites suggested. I would add cava to the list.

I myself would never make split pea soup without ham hock. Which changes the equation, and pushes you toward red. Still, not too heavy a red — a lighter wine from Grenache or Syrah or Mercia.

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Or Verbiage Blanc, or any of his white wines.

WV Pinot Gris.
SA Chenin or blend. Sadie Family if you have it on hand.
Gruner is a good choice if you choose one with some heft.
Demi-sec Champagne.

Gruner instantly came to mind, but I suppose it depends on if it’s made with a real salty ham hock like how my family does it.

Perhaps any gentle old red. Like '70s old. Like the 1976 Cune Vina Real Gran Riserva you opened years ago [cheers.gif]

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Good call on that one!