PSA Rieslingfeier 2019

As in years past I thought I would start a thread on Rieslingfeier 2019 as the tickets sell out fast.

The growers have been posted and tickets go on sale mid-December. Some new ones this year and three Austrian producers.

My favorite wine week of the year!

Was going to make a post until I realized I’d be out of town. Why on a holiday weekend? [soap.gif]

Extra day to recover!

Same here, bummed!

Tickets are on sale now.

Getting very excited for Rieslingfeier!!

I went back and listened to this interview with Klaus Peter Keller from 2013 when I think he was in NYC for Rieslingfeier.

I hear there are still some tickets available for the Gränd Tasting in the day.

Who is going???

I wonder if anyone has decided to attend because of the list of somms posted on the website?

I mean, does anyone care which somm will be drinking 1/8th of your bottle before the wine hits your table for the gala dinner?

Well they do all donate their time for free and it is a non profit event. I think the purpose is to give them and their respective restaurants some free PR. I have to say of that of all of these La Paulee type wine events this one is by far the best.

Get on a plane and find out :slight_smile:

I’ve got tickets to the VIP tasting session. I’m still mulling over the gala dinner. I’ve been to the dinner once, and it is spectacular. Well worth the gratuitous wine extracted by the sommeliers. :slight_smile:

I will see you at the VIP tasting. Just knowing what I am bringing and that both Keller and Egon Müller will be there amongst many other great producers I would say GO to the Gala!

I’m going to the VIP tasting as well. Less interested in going to the gala after my Reboule experience.

What happened?

I found it very table-specific.

See you all at the VIP tasting.

Will be good to have Klaus Peter Keller and Julian Haart there this year. Sorry not to have the Schaefers and Webers.

We’re one week away folks!

Is anyone aware of any offline events or other dinners, tastings, or other unofficial events? I know places like Chambers and Flat-Iron have previously had riesling producers in during this week to pour some of their wines and I’ve heard of offline dinners being held in previous years.

Let me know if you all are doing anything. Looking forward to optimizing this week.

Wish I could attend this…will be living vicariously.

Flatiron is doing a dinner with Alzinger on Thursday at Loring Place. Convive is planning a dinner with Donnhoff the following Thursday at Manhatta.

I’ll be at the big show on Saturday night. Come say hi if you are there!

Thanks for the update. I’ll see you there then.


Looks like these events are just missing the snow and sleet forecast for late Saturday.

The Gala dinner still has tickets available. Hmmm.