PSA - Flannery sale

35% off CA NY strips and Midwestern hangers…good til Friday.

I’ve never had Flannery beef, but have heard it mentioned on here several times. How does it compare to something like Snake River Farms? Also, is it grass fed?

From their site, they have both grass fed and grain fed. This is, to me, the best beef out there, especially when considering what some other places charge. I particularly appreciate that it’s dry aged and the cuts are customizable. The customer services is top-notch. Buy with confidence.

Exactly this.

Try them out for sure. Bryan apparently is big on Holstein cattle for superior flavor. I recall hearing him say grass fed can be great but leaner and the flavor is in the fat. So far I’m loving what I’ve had.

So I love Flannery beef. Some of the best we have ever had. But I don’t think they are grass fed. Maybe I missed it on the website, but the little I can find suggests that they are mostly grain-fed – in order to produce the marbled fat that produces most of the flavor. But perhaps I am missing something? I do think that whatever they do, they are doing something right!

They are not grass fed. They are feed lot finished and Bryan/Katy select the primals themselves.

He has, on occasion, had some grass fed Wagyu for sale. It is not very often, and it is a bit pricey.

Could me my mistake, but I thought the CA Reserve beef was grain fed and the Midwestern was grass. I could check, but I’m too lazy right now. Regardless, I almost always by the CA Reserve stuff.

Love, love the Hangars

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Grabbed a good amount of each. Steakhouse quality at home.

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Parents in town next weekend, no brainer…

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Flannery was recently written up as one of his favorite purveyors in the new book “Franklin Steak” by Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ fame:

Best way to cook the hanger steak? just straight salt/pepper grill?

I marinade them in equal parts EVOO, Soy Sauce, fresh Lime Juice and microplane some ginger into it. 30 minutes then grill. Turn often over med high heat, pull when they still feel like they are rare inside because they feel that way even when they are medium too.

The other night I made up a marinade of Teriyaki and added some Chinese Chili Paste for zip.

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EQUAL parts EVOO, Soy, and Lime Juice… that’s a lotta lime juice?

Would you say it tastes more Filet like or ribeye like? i’m considering a few for an upcoming bbq…

relatively easy to make? or requires a lot of eyeballs /attention…?


1/4C each isn’t a lot. Maybe 3 limes. You need to stay on top of these because they go from perfect to overcooked pretty quickly if you just let them sit on the grill.

Hard to compare to regular steaks maybe closer to rib cap with less fat. Kinda chewy when Rare, chewy when Med and up. Best at Med Rare. Slice against the grain.

Hanger takes the marinade well and that is not that much lime juice for the cut.

Nothing like filet or ribeye. Very beefy with some mineral liver undertones.

Hard to compare to regular steaks maybe closer to rib cap with less fat. Kinda chewy when Rare, chewy when Med and up. Best at Med Rare. Slice against the grain.

This. Probably my favorite cut, although tri-tip is a close second :smiley:

With the price you’re paying for Flannery, I don’t know if I’d load up on a wet marinade. Aside from overpowering the meat, I usually cook hangers direct at a pretty high temp and flip regularly to get a nice sear, which means you need to pat down the meat pretty heavily with a paper towel or something before you toss it on.

I generally use a dry rub with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and a little chili powder.

I have a couple of pics/recipes on my facebook (including hanger in the top post), if you’re interested → Redirecting...

Different strokes.

Liberal salt. Med-Hot grill about 5-6 minutes per side. Take off, pepper and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes. A hangar varies in thickness, so degrees of doneness vary across it. Perfect in my household as some like it rarer and some more well done.