Prettiest Wineries to visit in Oregon?

If you were to take a couple of newbie wine drinkers through Willamette Valley… and they aren’t really gonna care about the quality of the wine themselves… I’m looking for the prettiest views of vineyards, nicest grounds to walk around, etc.
I don’t mean feed me ‘bad’ wine to drink of course… but I think most of the discussion on here have centered around wineries that are worth a visit based on the quality of the wine, or the friendliness of winemaker etc…

Any thoughts? [cheers.gif]

Pretty lies in the eye of the beholder. For instance I think Brick House is rustic, charming and countryside-perfect however I know that some folks find it rustic and not much else. Some folks find Domaine Serene to be too much, some think it is impossibly gorgeous. My votes would go to Drouhin, Brick House, Soter, Elk Cove and (for a different perspective) Raptor Ridge. That being said I don’t see a ton of other wineries or necessarily notice too much the grounds. Those 5 are pretty easy choices though.

For views and facility, Archery Summit is beautiful on a clear day, and you can walk among the hillside vines. Drouhin also has great views.

For a more intimate and friendly experience, I love visiting Brickhouse. Talking with Doug Tunnel is always a treat. A terrific person and great stories.

Tom Mortimer, at Le Cadeau, is a terrific host and gentlemen. Walking through his vineyards is both informative and fun. His location is also quite beutiful in the late afternoon.

I am one of those who thinks DS is way too much. I love the “garage-wine” atmosphere that still remains in the WV. Jim and Patty have a great garage!

As a plus, none of these wineries have plonk for wine either. A nice glass of wine always enhances the facility, the view, etc., at least for me.

I second Drouhin and Brick House. Haven’t been to the others mentioned. My wife and I both thought that the property and views at Drouhin were beautiful. The wines at both places are wonderful. People not that into the wines themselves would probably enjoy the tour at Drouhin more, but it is bigger, more busy and more commercialized. Brick House, on the other hand, for us, was a one on one tasting. Quiet, rustic setting. You would enjoy both, so if you have time, go to more than one place.
Have fun!

I too like Drouhin and find DS over the top (Hey is that a country club or a winery?). Last visit to Willamette we stopped into Penner-Ash and had a wonderful time: great views, modern facility, nice grounds along with great hospitality. Just my $.02.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!

I have myself visited Jim@ PGC, Doug, etc. :slight_smile: I definitely prefer the smaller/rustic winery feel myself. Was just trying to find some places for a non-vino couple :slight_smile:

Thanks again!! [cheers.gif]

Elk Cove is pretty hard to beat for pretty.

+1 on the Penner Ash suggestion.

Elk Cove
Penner Ash
Archery Summit
White Rose
Cristom (when clear enough to see the peaks across the valley)


For a non-geek, I think Domaine Serene is beautiful. Certainly over the top, but beautiful. There is a fee and I don’t like the owners, but the wine is good as are the facilities.

The thing with the smaller guys is that your friends might really like meeting and talking with the winemaker and/or owner. The passion is infectious. I have sent a bunch of people to my friend, peter Rosback at Sineann. It has been a highlight based solely on Peter’s personality.

+1 on Soter. Gorgeous tasting room & views.

I found the Eola-Amity Hills to be much more “picturesque” than the area around Dundee, but as with pizza, even the bad stuff is pretty good. Bethel Heights and St. Innocent are good for views and scenery in that area.

Trisaetum has a large art gallery onsite, although it’s mostly (only?) art by the owner/winemaker, and frankly it makes me want to vomit. But it’s something besides wine.

Elk Cove
Patton Valley
Penner Ash
White Rose (Almost everything on that hill has beautiful views.)
Anne Amie

I was just at Elk Cove for the first time in a long while a couple of weeks ago and I’d forgotten what a wonderful setting it’s in . . . kind of in a little bowl. Ditto on Serene and Archery Summit (nice barrel cave tour) for the view, along with Penner-Ash, White Rose and Winderlea (ultra-modern building that looks like a Chipotle restaurant to me). Not so keen on views from Lemelson and, maybe I’m the only one, but I especially like the view from the deck at Bethel Heights - and the tasting room is nicely done with plenty of elbow room. Brick House for all the reasons already mentioned.

Hmmmm . . . maybe add Willakenzie. It’s pretty up there and they’ll get to see the giant mechanical punchdown device. If they like butt-ugly art done by the winery owner and expensive wine, take them to Trisaetum.

EDIT: I see someone shares my opinion of the art. [rofl.gif]

For vistas:

Penner Ash
Van Duzer
Do. Drouhin
Zenith/St. Innocent
Youngberg Hill
White Rose

For charm:

Torii Mor

For architecture/landscaping:

Penner Ash
Torii Mor
Tyrus Evans
Carlton Wine Studios

Archery Summit was the first thing that came to mind, probably followed by Penner-Ash and Drouhin.

Domaine Serene is splashy in an over-the-top way; it could be a home run or a flop depending on the people in question.

I thought Cristom was a good combination of a beautiful spot, friendly family people in the tasting room, and good wines at pretty reasonable prices.

For views and such I’d go to:

Archery Summit
Domaine Drouhin
White Rose
Elk Cove
Bethel Heights
Penner Ash
Anne Amie

Penner Ashe is beautiful. Take a sandwich and eat on the patio.

Awesome. thanks guys… great suggestions. I’ll pass them along. [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Hands down Anne Amie has the best view. Archery Summit is second. All others mentioned are quite nice, don’t get me wrong.

Disclaimer: I worked at both places.

My place is glamorously industrial, so won’t try to compete with pretty. Flavor, however…