Preferred daily use corkscrew?

I know this has been discussed in the past, but “corkscrew” generates way too many hits in the search function…

What’s your preferred daily use corkscrew for wines of medium age (say 5-15 years)? I’ve used a trusty Le Creuset Screwpull for years, but the worm is in need of replacement so I thought I’d see what’s new.

I have a Durand for older bottles, and it’s great for that purpose, but not quite as quick and easy as a lever.

For ‘everyday’, non-cork-issue wine, I just grab one of the random waiter’s corkscrew out of the drawer without thinking about it.

I’ve been using a “Pneumatic Wine Bottle Opener - Air Pump Needle No Cork Screw for the past 2 years. So much easier than a cork screw. On tougher bottles I use a conventional cork screw.

I use a Laguiole En Aubrac key daily and Durand for older.

Edit for specificity

I grab my Coutale for anything under 10 years old.
Matt, I have certainly seen the pneumatic ones. Any brand that you have found particularly good?

This. I have at least 20 of them, probably twice that if I search all my purses and wine totes and suitcases. My favorite is one with the Moore Brothers logo on it, no idea of the brand. It’s sturdy and the little blade is a good shape. That plus an ah-so covers nearly everything. I don’t have or feel the need for a Durand.

I was given a Laguiole in a fancy leather case, which I almost never use. I’m sure it cost a lot and it’s pretty, but doesn’t work all that well.

I agree with Sarah about the Laguiole. It sure looks nice and feels sturdy in my hand, but a standard double-hinged (my Laguiole is single-hinged) waiter’s corkscrew I bought on Amazon for $10-12 ea are my regular go-to unless the wine is older. In those cases, I use the Ah-So or Durand.

My DIL gave me this as a stocking stuffer on Christmas. No visible brand markings. It was probably less than $10. It works great. Some Italian bottles are too tight, but I can tell right away. (Too many pumps and cork doesn’t move). I’ve opened at least 300+ bottles without any difficulty.

standard double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew, hard to beat it.

A Campagnolo corkscrew. Other than a waiter’s corkscrew for the purposes of traveling, the Campy corkscrew is the only one I have ever owned.

just replace the worm in your screwpull

Rabbit for most everything; waiter’s double for synthetic; Ah-so for the problem children.

Coutale Sommelier double lever hinged corkscrew. There are several models; I prefer those that have a teflon coated worm. $20-ish from Amazon.

One more fan of the Coutale Sommelier here, although I have several Pulltap’s standard double-hinged corkscrews which I also use frequently. The Ah-so comes out when we open an old bottle, but we don’t have many of those, so it mostly sits in the bottom of the bin.

My everyday is a hicoup, Durand for older stuff.

Matt, does it work well for older bottles with questionable corks?

I’ve had it work on some, usually I can tell right away when the pump won’t be the best option and then use a screw pull.

Coravin attached to a food grade argon tank.

I’ve used the same Rabbit winged corkscrew for about 15 years. I like that I can easily control how gentle or firm the cork gets pulled. Even when a cork breaks, I can almost always pull out the remainder. Has only let me down a couple of times.

Here is the newest version:

My day to day was the same for years, until I lost the Moore Brothers key. Now it’s some cheap replacement from Amazon. I have a bunch of screwpull knockoffs but prefer the sommelier’s tool.

I lack the dexterity to combine it with my ah-so, so I finally splurged on a Durand