Pre Berserker Day Shout Outs -- What are you excited about?

I think double secret probation would be more appropriate…

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Your brother John would recommend Three Day Probation.


Damn y’all its Monopole/GCC day and I’m already broke as a joke from all the awesome deals. I feel terrible for not buying some of the amazing offers, but only because I’m already too deep in so many others. This appears, to me, to be the most amazing set of offers I’ve experienced so far. Really cool stuff, great discounts, great wines. Credit Card is absolutely screaming right now.


I feel you!

I was really excited to see greatly increased number of sparkling wine offerings, both from brokers like Stereophonic and Ansonia and others, but also Liquid Farm, Perkins Harter, Goodfellow, and others. Fun and interesting stuff.

He deserves nothing, and @Jorge_Henriquez will belittle me for giving him props, but @ToddFrench did a really great job with the offering lists. Great so far.


Vincent - chardonnay and pinot.
Patricia Green - anything and everything
Some interesting glassware always is welcome
Ansonia offerings have been a hit

I did miss out on some offers last year due to that darn work thing getting in the way… I know, priorities!

Would love if purchasers recommend previous favorites on the BD threads if they have had them before. Shout out a great find/favorite once you grabbed your buy. My FOMO may be in high gear as I try and still pay attention to work.

I’m 6 deep already. Probably do another 4 tomorrow.

No idea what though

I somehow managed to do 8 today. Had to laugh when I started adding them up. The memes are real.

Looks like offsite storage is in my 2024 plans!

Was only planning to do 1 wine and 1 non-wine total. So far have 5 wine and 1 non-wine. Trying to figure out where I went wrong.


I had a fixed limit of 2 cases. Bought 3.5 so far. Still itchy.

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I didn’t think I did that much damage and then I tallied it all up. My first BD and I get all the warnings now…


You can correct it all tomorrow. :imp:

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First time, had no expectations other than maybe still being able to get a little work done today. Got nothing done and snagged 3 cases from 6 producers, Sabelli-Frisch the only one over 6 bottles.

I think tomorrow someone has a creme for that, and you can actually buy it tomorrow, per the rules!

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I was at my 2 case max until I saw the Sabelli offer, and I’m likely to pick up some Violin tomorrow…


I’m excited to explain to the wife how the credit card balance went that high when I kept telling her that BD15 was tomorrow.

Apply liberally to affect areas. Repeat hourly



This is Berserker Day, there are no maximums.


This is such a load of BS. I sort of decided to buy a few and mostly sit this one out.

So far, $2k in.