Ports, Cigars, and Madeira

Mr. Suckling, thank you for your input here.
I’ve a few questions if you don’t mind.
I’m sure many have asked you this before, but will you ever update your book on Port?
Second, what beverages do you most enjoy with cigars?
And lastly, do you also enjoy tawny/Colheita Ports and/or Madeira?
Thank you again!

I can’t update my book on Vintage Port unless Wine Spectator asks me. :frowning: I love cigars with all Ports as well as Sauternes and Champagne. Sweet maderias are greats too. One of my great cigar moments was smoking a Cuaba Solomones II on the roof of an apartment building overlooking Havana at night and drinking a 1915 Blandy Bual.