PLCB now using reviews by Frank Murray!!!

Went over to my local Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits Shoppe today - mainly to sit in the really cool room to get out of the heat.
Wandered around the “chill room” a bit - this is where they usually have the finer wines. What did I see? There was a stack of Novy Syrah. And on the info sheet for the wine was a big review — 90 points…lots of flowery verbiage - then the author: FRANK MURRAY!!! Right up there with Tanzer, Spectator, and others.

Anyway – didn’t buy the wine. Sorry Frank.

(they must have taken it from CT).

Maybe they’re referring to FMIII’s grandfather? Maybe he was a big shot wine critic back in the day.

Wow - are they allowed to not only take the notes from CT but also the author’s name without permission?

Funny thing is that Frank doesn’t usually assing points to his reviews. [scratch.gif]

In fact - looking at his Novy reviews - I didn’t see any points at all. Maybe he has a side gig with PLCB and is giving them scores??

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Sweet. If he gets really lucky they might pay him for video ID/sobriety checks and live-recommendations at the new auto-Kiosks. Frank only has to pick from < 60 wines that way.



As Frank’s exclusive agent, let me register my shock and indignation!! This will not stand without proper compensation!! And the misrepresentation is staggering!! FMIII is not a points giver or a points whore… Ted… let them know they will hear from our attorneys

P.S. Bruce L. … do you want this case? Charlie Fu??

OK - I will go back tomorrow with my camera [stirthepothal.gif]

OK - I will do that. I am sure it will make a big impression. Who knows - it may be another Frank Murray pileon
If they think an endorsement by that bozo will help them sell wine — so be it.

Frank - I’ll give you a better deal than Dietz. I’ll tie it to LeBron’s contract. [highfive.gif]

And I thought PCBs were some of those nasty things that messed up the enviroment in the 70s…you mean Polychlorinated biphenyls?

Look, I don’t give points to anything. I never have, and god willing, never will. They’re useless quantitative assignments of value that only mean something to the assigner. deadhorse

I guess if I put my 2 cents up in a review, it’s fair game. When I get to 2000 TNs in CT, maybe I will drive up to Eric Levine’s house with a metal can, the top of it cut away, and a sign that says “hey man, got syrah?”.

Anyway, so which Novy wine did the PCB guys post my notes on anyway?

Shit, I tell Jill all the time that you rate her 100 points.

I am starting to wonder what forces are at work here. First FCMIII gets a French/Chablis palate and now supposedly point scoring. Hold on, the phone is ringing,“Hello, WHAT!!! It is snowing down there?” NOOOoooOOOOOo hitsfan I see dead wines.

Lies. Hey Nordhoff, I rate the Dr Mrs 101 points. 100 for the score and another 1 point for appropriate margin of error.

They gave him credit…dont see why they couldn’t use it.

Don’t kill the messenger. I can neither confirm nor deny what is being suggested.

Let me talk to the plaintiff IP department, we’re on the case!

Maybe this is answered somewhere in this thread, but I couldn’t find it: who is Frank Murray? [scratch.gif]

Hey now, everybody, let’s not go screwing up a good thing for me here!

FWIW, I was pretty sure I had slipped Frank enough pre-release Novy samples to warrant a number greater than 90 — but I do owe him some 2008s – so maybe he’s holding out on me waiting for those bottles. – Frank, we just finished moving the winery across the parking lot, the bottles will be on their way soon!


Adam Lee
Siduri & Novy Wines