PLCB now using reviews by Frank Murray!!!

Stuart: Go over to the Bala Post Office - his picture is on the wall.

Frank is a major force in the world of wine — and he just discovered they produce wine in France.

(seriously - he is a frequent poster here and lover of California Syrah - hosts an annual “Falltacular” tasting at his abode in Orange County - friends with many wine makers and a genuinely great guy IMHO)

Ted, for a second, you had me going to the post office… [training.gif]

Steve, OT, but GREAT avatar!


Seriously, are their royalties or freebies to be gained from this? A friend googled my name and found that an ebob review I posted of a new winery had been copied to their website under the link to “press” as a favorable review for their wine.

It is not just a link, but a pdf excerpt of it. I haven’t said anything (other than this post).

Should I?

Since this guy is a movie producer - Wedding Crashers — I would just reciprocate and post his movie with one of your famous reviews!

When I picked that I had just finished Live at Leeds and thought “This is like a cool Neal Mollen avatar”

Here are some pics — I looked on CT and these aren’t posted for this wine. Don’t know where they got the “review.” Could someone be posing as FMIII???


Did they have TN’s for other wines from unfamiliar authors?


I buy on FMIII recs … why not Pennsylvania?

How come they didn’t precede his name with the word “The”? Seems like it would be more appropos.

But they attribute the 90 points to FMIII. As Frank stated, he never gives points… So did they just take the cumulative CT score and add it to Frank’s note? Because as it’s presented in the image, it seems clearly as if Mr. Murray gave it the 90 pts.

And actually, now that I looked in CT, this is a note on the '06 - not the '07 that the PLCB is trying to sell…


This from the same guy who said he would never never never' put anything French in his mouth unless it was followed by fry.’ Do pigs fly in a cold hell?? [cheers.gif]

Having now seen the photos, this chaps my ass now. The issue of points…to attribute a score to my review is bull crap. I never scored that wine, never scored any wines in CT EVER. The review is indeed for the 2006 Novy Rosella’s–I wrote it last November when I drank the 2006 from my cellar. For them to extract that review from CT, then apply it to the 2007 is also bullcrap, insincere and poor fact checking and marketing, at best.

I dig Adam’s wines and I am pleased we are all getting a kick out of this. I have been enjoying the Novy Rosella’s for a long time, since the 2001 vintage–I know that bottling very well. But my god, these PCB people (pun intended) remind me of what I detest about scores, about marketing and the insincerity of blasting me, blasting us all with meaningless advertising noise 24/7. Thank god for DVR.

Soon you will be competing with Burghound. [head-bang.gif]

Don’t get ahead of yourself James.

I’ve heard of someone’s CT score/review being used as a shelf-talker once before, and gotta say I’m not a fan. Whomever gathered that review (will guess one of the Shopkeeps at PLCB?? or the distributor?) probably didn’t get permission from CT, nor from Frank, plus they got his review wrong, and to the average consumer, it comes off as a review from a trade publication. It’s misleading, and bad form.

Looks like they took the 2006 median points for the wine “90”, or rounded up the average “89.6”! The picture certainly leads one to believe that Frank Murray gave it a 90! Wonder why they did not just take the highest point number listed?

Very poor form!


PCB … too funny.

PA folks, you know what’s next – “Quoted at 90.”

No kidding the 2007 is clearly a 93pt wine. neener