Another refreshing and subtle dish for these hot days. Again, marinate the chicken for hours or better overnight in lemonjuice&oliveoil&saffron. And use real saffron!

2 chicken breast or supréme of guineafowl
3-4 lemons
olive-oil (same amount like lemon juice or more)

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this looks good, Martin, but I’ve got the rosemary/mustard chicken marinating in the refrigerator right now . . .

Guten Appetit, Alan. [drinkers.gif]

a big thumbs up from the entire family tonight, Martin.
I probably used too much saffron, but it was very delicious.

any recipes with lavender or sage? I’ve got that growing in the yard.


Mary Baker does a killer lamb rub with lavender, rosemary, salt and pepper. I think she’s been too busy to post here much lately, but maybe I can poke her. [wow.gif]


Did you S & P the chicken after marinading/before grilling?



in case of sage, I would recommend “Saltimbocca” - veal escaloppe with parma/serrano ham and sage. Any kind of pasta works also great with sage butter. I sometimes buy Ravioli from an italian shop and only add sag butter and finally drizzle with parmesan. The classic is Gnocchi with sage butter.

For grilling it is better to clean the meat. When I use a pan then I don´t clean the meat.

By S & P, I meant do you salt and pepper the meat?

Of course, Tom. You have to know I never mention Salt&Pepper in my recipes. I think S&P is necessary for every recipe!

P.S. I add S&P when I sauté the meat.

Thanks Martin. On the grill shortly, will report back my results.

did not salt and pepper, just sautéed in a pan–the marinade had enough oil that no more was needed.

I salt and peppered it and grilled on gas bbq. Seared and slow cooked and turned out perfect. I used 1 packet of saffron and seemed to give it a nice flavor and meat was succulent (bone in breast). Paired with roasted tomatoes/garlic/thyme and evoo spread on charred bread (wow is this good) and quinoa/zucchini and a 2003 crozes hermitage from Rousset - on the patio and loving life!

Thanks Martin/Alan

Simple. Looks great.

Alan, we have lots of sage and lavender. I was going to add sage to a center cut loin pork roast that is waiting to be consumed.

A couple weeks ago, we had loin lamb chops. Marinated for about 4 hours in Balsamic, olive oil, garlic, rosemary and lavender. Grilled. Yum.

will try these lavender and sage ideas.

Martin, thanks for the recipe reminder. I made this last night (only had 2.5 hours to let it marinade) but it was excellent (and a hit with the family). Served with spaghetti with garlic olive oil.

Martin, I’m making this for Father’s Day using saffron a friend brought me back from Iran, lucky me!
And trying Alan’s Wishbone marinade recipe for flank steak. Thanks both of you.
Also making Assyrian rice, my grandfather’s recipe :slight_smile:

Happy Father’s Day all you guys!

yum! Let’s hear about it after.

Great Debbie, I think saffron from Iran is the best.

How goes Assyrian rice? Give us the recipe…