PDX Chateauneuf Offline -- July 21-- my house


Let’s get together for a Chateauneuf offline! If your name is below, I believe you are in.

You can bring your own stems, but there will also be enough if you forget or prefer not to
Really looking forward to this!

Saturday 7/21: 5 pm
http:/// my house

Menu /u]Smoked Beef Tartare in Grilled Mushrooms
Foie Custard in Egg Shell with Truffle Caviar
Cassoulet with Pork Belly, Duck Confit and Egg en cocotte
Gigot of Lamb with Pulled Lamb Crepinette, seasonal vegetables
Strawberry Shortcake Parfait with Black Pepper Basil Biscuit and Vanilla Sabayon

S. Miller +1
P. Willenberg +2 (85 Mont Redon, 99 Beaucastel, 99 Chapoutier)

S. Lutz +1
D. Paris
D. Johnson (04 Pegau Cuvee Reservee)

Not Attending
J. Stirmling
H. Kamin +1
B. Carufel (2000 Guigal)
S. Clayton
P. Cunningham

Looking forward !!!

Tragically, but predictably, I have to work that weekend.




I’m in!

Hi, would you please add me and my cousin Bob Stull. Thanks!

PS, I’ve had a '90 Mont Redon (in CDP) and look forward to trying the '85!

Please add Joel Strimling & Steve Lutz

Sure, count me in. Please don’t bring drank. :wink:

Sign me up!

just to spite you, someone is gonna bring Beaumes de Venise.

I’m meeting with the Kitchen Cru chef and also the owner on Saturday May 12th at 8 pm at Tanuki. Is anyone interested in joining us to discuss menu and pricing, plus drink some Watari Bune http://www.jotosake.com/sakes/wataribune ?

If you can’t join us, does anyone have any input on price point? $50? $75?

I’m fine with either price point.

Great to be on the A list for advance sign up, thanks Steve et al. I’ll pull this off somehow since chateauneuf is on my favorites list and I have a boatload to choose from. I’m hoping the group goes for some age because they begin to shine at around 10 years or more for the best properties. And it’s great to hear about no corkage!! What’s the price thing, do you mean some people need to scour the market for something? Not much good choices in Portland on anything with age. My possible dilemma is that my spouse Krista happens to have a birthday on 7/22 so i’m offering her for the wait list since i see no females to keep our intended debauchery in line. She usually isn’t too enthusiastic about these kind of events. After 35 years she may just let me out of the house for a night with the promise of … well you know what i mean for all day on Sunday.

oops, I see the price thing is for the menu options. Ok, whatever looks awesome is a great choice.

Harry, please bring your spouse and 2 bottles from your storied cellar. I’m likely bringing my spouse too as there isn’t a formal set seat limit.

I’m also consciously NOT bringing 95 Beaucastel because it isn’t ready but damn if I don’t want to pop the cork!

Hi All, a few pictures to the theme “Chateauneuf du Pape”. These are from a trip in 2008.


No can do here. Getaway weekend with my wife…

I wish I could come but we have the Johan wine club dinner that night. Have fun all!

David what do you mean by “drank”?

David is referring to a Parkerized 09 CdP: Lean (drug) - Wikipedia